The Upcoming April Patch May Slightly Exploit the New Cost of the Flemish Revolution.

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    The cost of researching Flemish Militia in Age of Empires II has been updated to 200 food and 150 gold, plus an additional cost of 10 food and 5 gold per villager owned.

    However, the cost is calculated when the button is pressed, not when the research is completed, allowing newly produced villagers to essentially be free.

    While this may not be a significant issue as it depends on the number of town centres, it is still a minor flaw in the system.

    A video example shows the player queuing 50 villagers and starting Flemish Militia research at the moment when they have 0 villagers, resulting in 50 Flemish Militia at no additional cost.


    i think a more practical way to exploit is queueing FR behind 4 or 5 trebs at the castle


    You pay the cost of 50 tc.

    You also need the resources to que from 50 tc and pay for the flemisch milita tech.

    This doesn’t look like an issue


    I was about to suggest to just make the research instantaneous since it’s really short anyways, but, thinking of it, I guess the 10 seconds are there specifically to be able to cancel it.

    Flemish revolution is drastic, and any missclick would ruin a whole game.


    In a competitive game I don’t see anyone having more than 4-5 TCs so it’s basically a free 5 milicia basically maximum 10 if the timing is correct right?


    Well, I guess Burgundians, Bengalis, and Malians are starting a club called, “Strange things you can do with 50 TCs.”


    That’s cool and all, but you won’t have 170 tcs at any point of time so the exploit is a VERY VERY VERY niche situation.


    The game could mark the villagers that exist when the button is pressed so they are the only villagers transformed when the research is completed.

    It could become an instant research that cannot be queued.

    This is probably simplest as the main counter-balance is meant to be loosing all villagers.


    Just make them cost 2 pop space so you can’t reboom after it goes off but instead after 50 Flems die.

    Then make the new ones you make at the rax only cost 1 pop.

    It’s what Ragnarok does.


    Insta-research , bypass production queue will come I guess.


    We all love the booton


    i think the correct way to fix it is:
    reduce cost to some fixed price (eg 300 food 200 gold)
    change effect to: flemish militia can be recruited at town centers and barracks
    not changing of villagers to FM
    maybe adjust stats of flemish militia


    How about killing all vills expect trade carts to have cheap unlock for flemish and putting max amount of vills to all TCs?

    Yeah, you don’t get instant 80 infantry, but you get extra cheap flemish militia unlock.

    Issue is stopping your eco for like 5 minutes.


    Can’t it be calculated when it starts researching?

    Then make it pause all villager production

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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