The Naked Hermit: A Glimpse into the Life of Brian

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    The tale of the naked hermit from Life of Brian rewritten in my own words:

    One of the most memorable scenes from the movie Life of Brian is that of a man who lives alone in the wilderness, wears nothing but a loincloth, and has renounced all earthly possessions.

    Brian, having just left the People’s Front of Judea and running aimlessly through the desert, stumbles upon the naked hermit’s abode.

    The isolation is not complete, however, as several children sit around the hermit when Brian first crashes through the door.

    The hermit wobbles back and forth on one foot as he introduces himself to Brian, telling him that he gave up his worldly possessions years ago to live a life of solitude.

    Brian’s reply is classic: “Oh, lucky bastard.” The hermit proceeds to talk to Brian about what he’s been missing while living with the masses, and fails to understand why anyone would want to be a member of the People’s Front of Judea.

    As Brian is leaving, the hermit has a sudden realization: he hasn’t been totally alone all these years.

    His wife shows up, people in the adjacent hills wave greetings and he has a pile of fresh vegetables that they gifted him with.

    The naked hermit is indeed not as cut-off as he had imagined, and his lifestyle more comfortable than he initially made it out to be.

    Brian asks if the key is to renounce all his worldly possessions, and the hermit chides him saying that that is exactly what he tells everyone he meets.

    Brian slips away to meet with some of the more fervent Judean Peoples Front members, while the hermit’s wife climbs on his back, and the scene cuts out.

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