The Most Frightening Civilizations When Facing the AI in Extreme Mode

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    Our group enjoys playing a multiplayer game of 4 vs 4 with 4 of us facing off against 4 AI opponents.

    Our usual games involve 400 population.

    We are seeking advice on which civilizations to use to make the game more challenging when playing against the extreme AI opponents.

    We would like a mix of the scariest and toughest civilizations.

    Our top picks include the Chinese, Korean, Aztec, and Magyars, which are extremely challenging when used by the AI.


    I will vote for Brition, typically in high population limit


    I vote Aztec.

    The AI has godlike Monk micro, they’re insane when massed.


    But that is AI vs AI.

    It’s possible that the AI is bad with the worst civs and not that they are great with the best.

    Against humans their archer micro will be strong as they avoid Mangonel shots well.


    [SOTL- Best and worst civs for AI](


    Bohemians always tend to be played better for some reason


    What is your plan?

    Michi style, only fight when both sides are max pop?

    Do everything to win, from rush to castle drop?

    Everything is as hard for the former, and as easy for the latter.


    My wife and my 11 year old son and I usually play 3 humans v 3 AI v 1 AI on Extreme.

    The AI is usually really good with siege.

    I am not good with siege.

    I struggle vs AI civs when they have a good siege bonus.

    They ram down my trebs and onager my archers like nobodies business.

    They even send out villagers to repair their siege.

    No human can do that.

    Houfnice’s are nasty too when the AI controls them.

    I usually end up playing cavalry civs to counter their siege, so camel civs are annoying to me also.

    The “scariest” AI civs probably depends on your playstyle and your own choice of civs.



    Impossible to beat their 10000 war wagons

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