The Majestic Elephants

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    Can you improve the performance of the cutest animal in the game?

    They are hardly seen in the whole NAC4, only a couple of them are present.

    This indicates how ineffective they are.

    The monks treat them as if they are worthless.

    Whenever I produce elephants, it only benefits my opponent.


    I agree for open map 1v1s.

    The problem is that they are very costly, but also very cheap on the pop-limit side.

    This means that on settings where pop matters more than cost – mostly closed map TGs – elefants suddenly become very strong, if not straight up OP.

    Id rather have a unit underused in 1v1 than breaking the TG balance.


    You can’t buff them significantly because then they become op in some teamgame scenarios.

    I guess a small cost increase could be decent for battle elephants (elephan archers and ballistas are fine as they are, the latter even somewhat op).


    I think they’re fine the way they are.

    Are they useful in 1v1 Arabia?

    Probably not, but neither are Fishing Ships.

    Some units will have limited uses, especially in competetive settings and thats okay.


    I agree.

    Raise their attack, lengthen conversion time, etc.


    Yeah, they are completely unviable right now.

    It sucks.


    Thats why highplay sucks in most games


    I have a good feeling about the upcoming big patch.

    Ultimately I think the correct thing to do would be to split up infantry differently.

    Dividing pikes into a gold and trash version of each, like AoE3, and making the trash version do no elephant damage only cavalry, and the gold version doing more bonus damage to both cav and elephants.

    Have the gold pike do better regular damage as well but no pierce armor, and swordsmen get a bit more pierce armor.

    Dial back the regular halb.

    I have this organized well of course.


    Oh look, someome has not dipped his toes into teamgames.

    In my last 5 closed maps, I’ve seen them stomp everything in at least 2 games.


    The problem with elephants is that there isnt any direction for their design.

    The questions of ‘how does it relate to pally/halb/camel/arb/etc in cost/ power/speed/etc and how does each civ change this one interaction in a non-oppressive manner?’

    These questions were never fully answered and it results in this situation (as with many of the uu thrown together by an idea not a needed role) where it gets nerfed because it is too strong in X scneario.this impacts its potential sweeping across the board and makes the unit useless or overshadowed by other options.



    I do not agree they need a buff, I am thinking a lot of why the NAC players did not use them is because of map preferences.

    If they played more closed maps I think we would have saw Elephants more.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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