The Invisibility of My Market Almost Caused Me to Lose the Game.

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    I recently had a really pleasant 2v2 experience but encountered a problem where I had to build a new market for my teammate after my original one was destroyed.

    However, my caravans kept going to the old market even though I right-clicked my new one, causing me to almost lose the game.

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t manage my caravans because they wouldn’t drop off their gold at the new market.

    I also couldn’t destroy the old market because it was invisible and even though I could still partially see the area near it, I couldn’t click it because I didn’t have enough vision.


    Obviously sucks to get that bug.

    Trade carts will always go to the furthest of your markets, so youll need to delete it.

    Did you try using you “go to market” hotkey to cycle through your markets?

    I guess this might have worked


    Dude I get invisible farms sometimes.

    Makes placing them impossible

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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