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    I’ve encountered these guys a few times along with their skilled soldiers.

    I’m not sure what it takes to defeat them as I’ve attempted various strategies, except using knights while playing as the Turks.


    Hand Cannoneers shred any goth infantry unit.

    Instant hussar if they mix in skirms.

    You should never lose this matchup with Turks.


    The trick is to out-goth the goths.


    Hand cannoneers are great vs infantry when you have massed them.

    Are you falling behind on villagers?

    Look if your boom (getting a great economy thru multiple town centers constantly producing) is weaker than the opponents.

    This can be the bigger reason for you losing, than the army composition.

    Training your boom in single player a few times help a lot.


    HCs but you need to micro them, you have a bonus against them and they have a bonus against you.


    Hand cannoneers.

    But use some meatshield in front of them, cause Huskarls are moving kinda fast so when they are massed they will get to them and kill them.

    Champions are good enough if you have full blacksmith upgrades.

    As for more specific civs and units.

    Incan slingers: their bonus damage negates the armor of huskarl.

    Their base damage is 4..

    so basic slinger is dealing 4 damage per shot.

    Fully upgraded with blacksmith stuff deals 8 damage per shot. (Base slingers deal 14 damage to infantry, FU deals 18 damage) Slingers are probably most powerful ranged unit against infantry.

    But they are kinda fragile, so if you are Incan protect them with kamayuks or eagles. 40 of slingers are capable of stopping full force goth spam.

    But I would suggets Kamayuks, they shred infantry and cavalry what goth can use.

    Aztec Jaguar warriors or Aztec champs.

    Jaguars deals extra damage to infantry, very painful for goth.

    Aztec champions have castle unique tech Garland wars giving their champs +4 damage and Aztec champs have all armor and damage upgrades from blacksmith.

    No way for goth to win that, unless he starts using gunpowder. + Aztecs have slightly faster barracks (not as fast as goth) making it easier to catch up with goth insanely fast barracks.

    Teutonic knight or Teutonic champs: Goths will get fucked against them, but they are slow as hell, so if goth is clever he will just run past your elite teutonic knights.

    Champs are getting extra meele armor.

    Japanese Samurai: this guy have bonus against other unique units.

    Fully upgraded elite samurai is dealing a 28 damage to Huskarl (with Huskarl armor it’s around like 25). +Japanese infantry attacks faster.

    Goth is fucked here also.

    Dravinians: wootz steel tech makes their meele units ignore armor, so goth is dead. + They have cavalry.

    Slavs: Infantry deals AoE (blast) damage.

    Vikings: extra HP infantry. + Their unique unit is regenerating it’s HP.

    Chinese Chu ko nu: they are dealing 14 damage with all the upgrades, goth armor negates it to 4 damage…

    But Chu ko nu shoots extra arrows and each arrow deals next 1 damage…

    So you get extra 4 damage.

    So Chu ko nus deal like 8 damage to Huskarl per salvo.

    But they have short range, so always accompany them with some sort of meatshield.

    Cuman Kipchak: same as Chu ko nu, but on horse.

    Easier to hit and run, can race with cavalry trying to snipe them.

    But they don’t have that powerfull attack so first arrow is dealing only one damage.

    With extra 4 arrows Kipchaks deals only 5 damage per salvo, but they can outrun Huskarls.

    French throwing axeman or Gbeto: these are ranged units dealing meele damage, making the goth Huskarl armor useless.


    Turks post imp?

    Fully upgraded Champions, always fight in equal numbers and you’ll come out on top.

    Add some Hussars if they add Hand Cannoneers.

    BBC if they choose to make Heavy Scorpions or Onager.

    HC is not the answer, one bad fight and you’ll lose your whole army if you get outflanked.


    Goths are legit the worst civ in the game, hands down.

    They’re extremely slow to get going.

    Then, even in Imperial they lose hard to half of the civs.


    Gotta kill goths before they get to their spam.

    Fully boomed goth spam has no counter.


    Huskarls negate some of the Hand cannoneer damage due to their high armour but you should still do a lot of damage to them if you keep moving and take fights in chokepoints.

    Your champions are also better than his but he will always outproduce you and also has HC so having a few of them wouldn’t be bad but it isn’t the best answer IMO.

    If he goes huskarks in the castle age you should counter with knights, they do really well against them.

    Don’t use cavalier against them in imp though as he can easily mass produce halbs to deal with them unless you know it’ll be a while until he gets techs into them

    Since you’re Turks your gunpowder units also have extra HP and instant chemistry means you can mass them easier so make use of that and hit a good timing


    I think you mean huskarl?

    Anything that isn’t ranged kills them.

    Jannies can work too, but its a double edged sword: Huskarl have an attack bonus vs jannies, so once they reach you, your units are toast.

    As Turks, its actually kinda rough.

    You have decent champions that can handle them well.

    Its a bit of a problem once he mixes in his own champs, so you need to be ready to add HC/jannies.

    Or you can go hussar+jannies, just keep your jannies save at all time.

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