The Challenge of Achieving Accurate FC Timings

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    Recently, I have been practicing the basic Fast Castle strategy in the game arena.

    As a beginner, I am still learning and having fun with it.

    I generally reach my feudal age at around 12:30 with a total of 26 villagers.

    At this point, I create a blacksmith and market building, and start queuing villagers while only having about 600 food remaining.

    However, even after gathering both boars, hunting the three deer, and using long distance hunting instead of dropping my second mill, I still struggle to collect enough food to progress to castle age with only 28 villagers.

    I end up needing at least 32 villagers before I can progress.

    I’m not sure why I’m not collecting enough food even with a reasonable distribution of villagers on wood, gold, and stone.

    I tend to gather my sheep under the TC and only collect my boars a little later than most people.

    I also tend to prioritize hunting over farming.

    Despite managing to progress to castle age around 18:30, I feel it is not fast enough considering my objective of massing up units.

    My usual timeline for constructing my first castle is around 20 mins.


    Remember every civ is different and some have bonuses which will make some of the following guidelines invalid… but for a standard civ (economically) you should
    – have four farms set well before clicking feudal
    – four on berries immediately after four in wood
    -all hunt should have been completed by the time you click up to feudal
    – while upping to feudal at least 4-5 on sheep
    – the rest of your vills should be on wood and a couple in gold or stone.
    – tip: eat the first sheep and lure all the deer next, lure the boars, then finish the rest of the sheep.

    Again, depending on your civ some of the things I mentioned may not be necessary.

    As you get better you will adjust as necessary

    If you build order is tight you can go up 24 vills feudal and 26 castle under 15min


    I don’t put villagers on stone until after I’ve clicked up to castle age, even as Spanish.

    I would recommend putting those extra vils onto food.


    I don’t put villagers on stone until after I’ve clicked up to castle age, even as Spanish.

    I would recommend putting those extra vils onto food.


    Always push your deer, have no more than two carcasses under the TC at any time.

    That’ll help a lot.


    FC or Flaming Camels are not always easy to use.

    They may be fast but they don’t have that much in terms of surviving power.

    Their preferred targets also have a great amount of movement (barring elephants).

    I would suggest using them in the same role of spearmen, more as a deterrent for other units like siege or arbalests.

    If they take the engagement you can either bodyblock with them or if they bunch up, hit them for massive damage.

    Your Welcome


    First, FC UU is usually 27+2 vill so add another villager first.

    Then, without luring any deer you should have a total of 7 farms as soon as you have the wood for.

    In your case, I would advise to mill the deers and go for 6 farms.


    Go heavier in berries.


    Check 26+2 castle Drop build order
    [Build Order Reference](

    If we’re talking arena try to learn deer push, since there’s not much else to focus on and you lose a lot of food by distant hunting, and deer timings don’t matter much so even if you mess up a couple of times you’ll be fine, maybe only avoid doing it while luring boars if you’re new.


    do 28+2 as a beginner build for FC UU.


    You can go 23+2 pop castle age with pushing just 1 deer.

    I do it all the time.

    Keep in mind that the walk distance increases, you might want 2 groups of vills to hunt deer.

    Gotta have at least 2 farms before clicking feudal.

    That being said, you can easily push 1 or 2 deer on Arena cause there isn’t much to explore early anyway.


    You need to take the sheep one at a time.

    Dead animals decay.

    Having 8 dead animals = -6 food per second.

    After 30 seconds you’ve lost close to 200 food.


    I don’t think you should mine stone this early unless you’re poles or you’re planning to tower rush/defense.


    Too much on wood, too early on stone

    If you lack food, commit more on food


    If you have the required ~14 vills on food the whole time, you absolutely should have enough after your blacksmith and market are done.

    So without knowing more, I’d assume you’re idling villagers somewhere or there are other inefficiencies in your economy.

    Watch some fast castle BOs on Youtube or get Hera’s PDF guide (found on his Discord) and practice that.

    Also remember that if necessary, you _can_ sell your stone in the market and buy whatever resources you’re missing.

    But only recommended as a backup plan if you screw up the build order 🙂

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