The Bizarre Tale of Khmer

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    Khmer are a very popular scout rush civilization due to their farms and bonus of not needing to build a Barrack to construct a stable.

    However, this strategy can be a double-edged sword, as it is also a counter to Khmer.

    When a scout rush is employed, the Khmer player wants to skip the Barrack, thereby foregoing a big advantage.

    It is possible to go straight to archers, but this can be awkward as well, as the player must be fully walled to move out, or else face scouts running in the base with no spears to defend.

    The opponent, however, can add spears while the Khmer player cannot.

    This leads to the opponent winning every fight.

    To counter this, a popular strategy is to open scouts, then build scouts and small wall or use houses to defend against enemy scouts/spears, and then follow up with archers to go archer scouts against the spears/scouts.

    This does not work against full scouts, and the Khmer player must be fully walled for it to work.

    As a result, the opponent can go for a lot of scouts with upgrades, and the Khmer player has no mobility with their archers, leaving the base vulnerable to scout raids.

    To combat this, some players will build a Barrack, while others may delay it and only build it if they are spear rushed.

    Ultimately, the best way to play with Khmer in this situation is not clear.

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