“The Best Age of Empires 2 Campaign”

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    Last week, I inquired which campaign allowed you to play the role of a bloodthirsty conqueror the most.

    However, my question now focuses on the opposite scenario.

    Which campaign depicts you as the defender of your people against foreign attacks?

    In my opinion, the Le Loi campaign is the best example of this.

    It does not involve any conquest but revolves around freeing your people from the enemy’s grip.



    You relieve the British Isles of the burden of their Gold and Lives, taking it upon yourself (the Vikings).

    For bearing the burden of others, you are the good guys.


    Kotyan Khan campaign is not only a game, it’s art.

    I rarely ever felt so desperate in a video game.

    I really got Max Payne vibes from that scenario.

    It was completely depressing, >!especially when Kotyan Khan got murdered after being offered an asylum.!<


    I haven’t finished it yet but I’m playing through the Cuman campaign and the first 2 levels you are just trying to survive the Mongols.

    Any offensive fights are either to push them back or fight out of an encirclement


    Any of T-West’s pacifist runs


    Devapala kinda falls in that category, the whole theme of the campaign is morality


    Le Loi over Joan of Arc, as the enemy in Le Loi (Ming) are much more malevolent and powerful.

    Joan of Arc and Saladin are on the more just side of Medieval disputes.

    Le Loi is about freedom and survival.


    I guess William Wallace


    In the Montezuma campaign, you’re fighting against other mesoamerica city-states and later the Spainish conquistador, to the degree that you end up creating an alternate timeline by successfully saving Tenochtitlan and thus the Aztec civilization.


    Joan of Arc, William Wallace & Saladin probably count for this as they are defending themselves.

    Sundjata is taking his throne back.

    Devapala figures out he was wrong in the earlier levels and changes his ways.


    I was about to say Ivaylo until I remembered he beat his wife lol.

    But otherwise did a lot for his country despite being of humble origins.

    Others where you can be considered the “good” guy are Joan of Arc, Kotyan Khan and maybe Alaric, El Cid, Jadwiga and Jan Zizka.


    Kotyan (You’re just running for your life), Le Loi (as you said), Ivaylo (Fighting peasent-crushing feudalism before it was cool), Jan Ziska (fighting peasent-crushing theocracy before it was cool).

    All of these can argue for the top spot of morals.

    For runners-up: The other 2 Dawn of the Dukes campaigns are also pretty heavy on “protecting your people from the tatars and teutons”, so you’re the good guy there too.

    Joan is a legendary case of this, so her too.

    El Cid plays this way, taking on both the Muslims and Christians to bring peace, though gets alot of flak for its historical inaccuracies so while you’re the good guy in the campaign the events represented are a bit sketchier.

    Under that I’d put the “self defense in a power struggle” cases; where you play as a monarch against internal opposition, so Sundjata, Bayinnaung, Most of Bari, most of Prithviraj.

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