The Admirals’ Cup of Age of Empires II

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    We are delighted to declare the commencement of the Admirals Esports Age of Empires 2 Cup.

    It will be held over the weekend of the 27th, 28th and 29th of January.

    Sign up at []( and join us for the tournament.

    Invited players are: Hera, GL.TheViper, SalzZ\_Vinchester and TBA.



    What made you get into AoE2


    Me with 2 hours left of the group stage of wololo:
    A new tournament I can’t wait!


    I hope “TBA” is admiral Jordan


    You better invite Admiral Jordan to the Admirals Cup!


    Is there a name for this 9 vill start trend?

    I’m seeing it appear more and more.

    I’m not sure how I feel about it, like having a different start to the game for pros vs regular ladder players


    That’s a pretty short notice.

    So for clarification: anyone can register, but you only have 12/ 13 slots to fill?

    Do you pick participants based on current/highest 1v1 ELO?

    There is no qualification stage?

    You might want to post it on []( regardless for more traction.


    Nice, $500 price pool.

    Will see all the top players for that!

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