“Tech Swap Powerspike: The Advantages of Back-Loaded Strategies”

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    I was pondering the unique tech tree of the Burgundians, which requires them to wind through it to reach their endgame options unlike the Chinese, Portuguese, and Cumans who can easily switch between options.

    I considered a civilization that would sacrifice the front-loaded tech swap discount for a back-loaded one.

    How would I create this civ?

    Here are some ideas:


    Provide discounts on later stages of the tech tree instead of the earlier ones.

    Offer refunds for researching techs at a later stage rather than at an earlier one.

    Have techs researched within buildings provide additional benefits to the economy.

    Implement an early Castle-age power spike for all feudal units to make up for the lack of discounted early techs.

    Provide discounted obsolete units via a unique unit, like a heavy scorpion that unlocks a cheaper non-heavy version, or an arbalester that unlocks a discounted archer.

    These ideas may seem a bit absurd, but they could work if realized properly.


    back-load means its hard to tech into something, but you get extra value by doing this, right?

    Maybe sth like a unit line gets 10% cheaper with each unit line upgrade you do, e.g.

    after researching crossbows you get 10% discount, after arbalest you get 20% discount.

    Eco techs giving some kind of additional benefit, but costing 20% extra.

    Though if you overdo it, the civ will be really strong on arena while bad on arabia.

    Although balancing the power with missing techs in imp, similiar to the chinese or cumans, might limit this difference.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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