Tasty Easter 3v3 Tournament on April 3rd

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    As Easter approaches, we have our final mixed teams 3v3 match featuring new characters, Team Eggroll versus Team Fondue.

    The match will consist of five games with six villagers starting for all maps and one house.

    The 5-map pool will follow a modified hidden pick, no repeat series.

    Game 1 will be on the set map, Shady Fish Market.

    The teams will then do a 5 civ draft with four global civ bans in E, FF, E order and teams drafting 4 exclusive civs each in F, EE, FF, EE, F order.

    Each game will proceed hidden pick, no repeat, with civ restrictions from the draft.

    The loser of each game will pick the next map from the remaining maps.

    Shared exploration will be off, and no sling rules will be implemented with a reduced efficiency of 50% and increased coinage and banking research costs.

    The prize pool for each game won is $69 per team.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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