Taking a Break During Tournaments

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    NAC4 is a tournament that I have recently started following.

    As someone new to the world of AoE2 tournaments, I’m curious to know if it’s common and accepted for players to pause games like Hera did against Villese in order to take a mental break and gather their thoughts.

    I don’t have any issues with the players, I’m simply wondering what the norms are within the community.

    I enjoy watching Hera play and have been learning a lot from the YouTube videos he releases.


    It’s not okay.

    He received a warning.

    If it happens again, he loses that game.


    The AI hates when I pause cause I do it to spam farms


    People in tournaments only pause when there is a technical problem, not to get a mental break.

    Hera had sound issues.


    I think players shouldn’t be allowed to pause to take a breather.

    E-sports is a lot about momentum and pausing should only be allowed only in case of a technical issue.

    This is the case with other e-sports I watch (mainly watch Dota).


    A lot of competitive sports have breaks, just think about handball where each team can take a 60s timeout (or something in that ballpark).

    People just need breaks.

    Does a match necessarily suffer from a rare pause where each player can collect themselves and evaluate an adjustment in strategy or might we even get better games?

    We just need to make sure its regulated and not abusable.

    Maybe one pause of 60s for each player for a Bo5?

    And not allowed during battles?


    The reason for which u pause is important.

    Shitting, pissing, water, petting your pet horse, collecting pizza delivery, shutting up your crying 3 year old are kind of acceptable.

    Pausing to think about strategy is a crime in esports.

    Sometimes players can go to jail if they keep doing it.


    all the pros know each other also the game is very stressful and attention intensive……

    really not the game to play when your uncomfortable or thirsty.

    Also lag spike happen and usually a player pauses for that too.

    But they are playing LAN so id figure his back hurt.


    Game paused/unpaused by Player X
    Player X: sec
    Player Y: 1
    a few moments later

    Player X: 14 ??

    player Y: 1
    Game paused/unpaused by Player X
    yeah, it’s standard and common 11


    yeah, the community is fine with it.

    It makes for better games when everyone is mentally THERE.


    I’d say 80% of the time you could pause and have no problem as long as it’s quick but the other 20% will unpause.

    No biggy as it’s their time too

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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