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    Viewers have contributed a significant amount of funds to support the prize pool, which is impressive.

    However, I am not sure if the current prize pool of 50,000 is already sufficient for the players.

    Instead, it may be more beneficial to distribute the community support towards Nili, the organizer, who has put in an immense effort to make this event possible.

    What do you think?


    You can sub, send bits and gift subs to channel.

    This means that there is a chance that new subs can consider to resub.

    It helps


    I assume nili is at least keeping the regular twitch money for ads?


    Subs go to him at the usual rate


    [Disclaimer: just opinion, I researched nothing about this]

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this is all one big balance sheet.

    My understanding of organisation like GL is that they guarantee fix-ish “salaries” to member while taking the ups and downs of tournament prizes and streaming revenues for themselves, kind of like a reverse mutual insurance company.


    Isn’t it better to contribute to nations cup’s prize pool as it is literally crowdfunded and is a 4v4, and most players are actually putting in a lot of effort, even though the prize pool is much lower


    >50K is not already big enough for the players

    The event was marketed as one with a $100K pool, so $100K is enough for the players.

    A higher-stakes event is more exciting to watch.

    If you’re worried about Nili, though, remember that every time someone uses their prime sub to turn off ads on the stream he gets a few bucks.

    Given current levels of traffic he should be OK


    Prize pool > organizer support imo.

    The players keep the scene going when there are no events, and there would be no events without the players.

    I think keeping the winnings high enough to support as many as possible is important.

    If 8th place didn’t get enough $ to make the trip worth it, 8th place won’t show up next time.

    Its a tough balance.

    I wish there was enough money to go around that we didn’t need to worry about it!

    Gotta give big thanks to Nili of course.

    And I trust the dude, he has a ton of exp with this stuff.

    I think potential future earnings are key to this sort of thing.

    Sure he may break even know, but with this level of support he knows he is carving out an even larger space for himself in the community.

    Future events will have more success, he gets small amount of youtube revenue until the end of time for any uploaded games, latecomer donations, etc right?


    All though he breaks even, he will still gain alot of publicity and traction towards his channel.

    Hopefully some of the new watcher will stick around and chip in in the future.

    That’s kinda how marketing works.

    Nonetheless, I think the frequent Nili watchers, like myself.

    Should reward him afterwards, with some donos, subs or primes.

    He’s definitely doing a remarkable job with NAC4.

    I’m in.


    This community is amazing.

    I’m happy nilli won’t suffer financially and its great how open he was about the whole thing.

    Mad respect for all the people involved.


    From a fan perspective, I would like the best outcome for him as it is a fantastic event.

    However, as someone who owns his own (rather small) business I have to say you should not announce something you have not secured.

    You cannot go for a 100k tournament if you don’t have the funds for 100k granted.

    Promising sponsors are not fixed sponsors.

    Keeping word is important in business life.

    In that regard I think it’s okay in the way it went.


    Subs and bits should do the trick right?


    I don’t mean this to sound rude but it has been said on the stream multiple times (at least the first part has) the rest are my additions.

    Donations (via PayPal/donate link) add to the prize pool.

    If you would like to support Nili further there is the subscribe button.

    If you feel that $5/£4 isn’t enough support the.

    You can subscribe for 3 or 6 months whereby YOU get a discount but Nili still received the full cut (Twitch take the hit).

    Alternatively there are also “bits” which are Twitch currency.

    Neither bits nor subs are being added to the prize pool so that directly supports Nili financially too. 100 bits = $1 so you decide what size package you can afford and would like to support with.

    Finally, ad revenue, Nili is hitting 10,000 viewers per stream nearly.

    If you’re not subscribed and get an ad, do not click away, watch it then continue to watch.

    If you do not subscribe and you use ad-blocker then you’re effectively costing Nili money as you’re not participating in the ad footfall.

    So think twice about that.

    Missing a couple of minutes an hour wouldn’t kill you.

    I leave both T90 and Nili tabbed throughout the tournament as T90 is my primary watch but Nili is the tournament host and I want to support (I frequently watch actively on Twitch and Ctrl+Tab to T90 if I want to do a quick rewind as FB has that feature).

    Side note; so sharing the stream with friends or leaving it open even when you’re not watching is support and that exposure will help Nili in the long run – see the ad revenue offers partners get (lots of activity on Twitter about this currently)

    I hope this helps not just OP but anyone else wondering how better they can support Nili.

    *Edit: opening paragraph.

    Was going to be short and sweet.

    Ended up not..


    I have followed the pro scene on and off since 2011ish.

    I thought that Nili was already somewhat wealthy


    I thought that as well, so even though Nili said that GL will cover any losses, I gifted a few subs to his stream as a show of support.

    He’s made an amazing event and hopefully he’ll do another in the future!

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