Summary of the Genocide Campaign

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    I want to update you on my campaign playthrough on Hard difficulty.

    My goal is to finish each mission with no population of the enemy remaining.

    Last time I updated, I had beaten all the missions in AoK, Conquerors, Forgotten, African Kingdoms, and Dynasties of India.

    I started playing Rise of Rajas and failed Gajah Mada #6 due to the timer.

    I am currently working on Kotyan #3 and I have a 50% chance of winning.

    I have failed in Pachacuti #2, Ivaylo #2, Longshanks #2, Hautevilles #3 and #4, and Jadwiga #3 and #4.

    I did well in the others but am unsure about Jadwiga #6.

    From what I have seen, I don’t think there will be any issues with Žižka.


    Ornlu tried Kotyan #2 and #3 and those proved to be impossible, because AI infinitely spawns units.

    But how on earth did you beat hundreds of regenerating units in Jadwiga #5?!?!

    Seriously man, GJ


    Lmao, such desire for robot blood


    Idk if there’s a way to Genocide Kotyan #2.

    You can leave Tatars helpless if you destroy their two TCs before they advance to Castle Age, but that will cripple your chances to defend from the overwhelming Mongol Horde.

    Kotyan #3 Your best bet is Steppe Husbandry.

    Produce an endless stream of Castle Age Light Cav and CA and see if you’re quick enough to kill everything before time goes out.

    Of course you’ll lose a lot of time with the first attacks, because I feel the only way to stop those raids is via buying a castle

    I think you meant Pachacuti #2. #3 is a Genocide scenario because you get to the end killing all patrols and spawing units are in the end of it.

    Regarding #2 I think you wall well and secure gold.

    FU Kamayuks shred most enemy units (small issues with Slingers and Jaguars, but Onagers are very useful here).

    Kill red while defending from purple and when only one enemy is left, you have a chance.

    Not sure if you’ll have enough gold for everything, though.

    I got the achievement on Hard level (win it without walling) and I render one of the most stressful tasks I’ve ever managed

    Ivaylo #2?

    I think that, if you let enemies conquer the Monument, your time will reset and it could be done

    Longshanks #2, your best bet is doing secondary objectives (allying with the Mongols and destroying all the southeastern towns – you’ll have a safe trade route for unlimited gold).

    Then kill aleppo and see if you have time for green.

    Command well yellow, they’re pretty good allies.

    But I feel you have no time and a big tech disadvantage

    Hautevilles #3 if you kill all but the vills, objective accomplished!

    Hautevilles #4 Impossible.

    I’m so gratefull that the achievement includes keeping your Heroes alive and not killing Kerboga…

    Jadwiga #3.

    Make sure the last two castles you need to destroy are none of the starting Vytautas’ three bases, which have 3-4 production buildings

    Jadwiga #4 Kill as many Teutons as possible, you can’t kill anything from the self-regen base.

    That’s the closest to a genocide

    Jadwiga #6 I’m not sure of what you can do in the short time you have before the battle

    Jan Zizka: #1, #3, #4, #5, #6 doable

    #2 Very Hard, the Teutonic Order will resign before genocide or either you’ll kill the three commanders.

    At least killing Franks will be satisfying


    Well sir, you are indeed crazy, but in a good way.

    There are some campaigns that I can’t beat on hard, let alone wiping the enemy off the map.

    I tip my hat to you good sir, kudos!


    I would love to see other variations to the campaigns.

    We now have pacifist and genocide (and 0 units lost for some scenarios).

    Two potential variations that come to mind are “no technologies”, meaning one is restricted to basic units and cannot upgrade.

    The easier (and possibly more strategic) version allows one to research new ages but still no upgrades.

    The neat thing for this run is that one can easily verify it from the victory screen when comparing it to the screen at the beginning of the scenario.

    The other one is “one unit per building”.

    In this case, one can only produce one unit type per building.

    The exact restriction of the unit should be predetermined but there are a couple of variations (e.g.

    the unit that costs most gold, has the highest HP, has the highest attack).


    I can confirm Jadwiga 3 is doable, I’ve beaten the teutons before and I’ve brought down 3 castles at the same time before (indeed this is actually the easiest way to do the mission since it negates the entire teuton issue), just gotta combine those two processes, flatten the towns, and get a good timing so nothing pops out of the castles while your final treb shots are in the air


    There is currently a bug on some scenarios that the AI wont research important upgrades (like keep his militia line at m@a even in imp): [](

    So if you dont care about abusing it, this might be your chance to beat the harder scenarios.

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