Strategies for Making Slavs More Fascinating.

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    Many players agree that the Slavs are a rather uninteresting civilization to play as, some even considering them the most dull.

    However, they have a fairly average win rate, meaning they don’t necessarily require a buff, though a slight one wouldn’t hurt.

    Professional players like Hera and Viper have ranked Slavs low in tier lists, suggesting that they could benefit from some kind of improvement, potentially making them more unique.

    Here are some ideas for potential buffs:


    Grant Slav infantry free armor upgrades, which would make them more durable in early rushes and encourage the use of infantry throughout the game.

    Allow the Slavs to train Militia units for a reduced cost of only 20 gold (full food discount) when a new farm is built.

    This would be a unique mechanic and encourage early pressure with infantry.

    When a new military production building is constructed, have a militia unit spawn from it.

    This would provide a strong early game bonus and make it easier for the Slavs to defend themselves.

    Allow Slav militia units to repair seige, making them more versatile in late game battles.

    When a militia unit garrisons in a ram, the damage of the ram is doubled and its melee armor is increased by 1 for each garrisoned militia.

    This would make rams a more viable option for the Slavs.

    Give Boyars the ability to passively heal a certain number of militia line units in a set radius.

    This would provide a unique support option for the Slavs.

    Triple the healing rate of monks for Slav militia units.

    While this may not be particularly strong, it could be a helpful bonus in the late game.

    Allow militia units to garrison in towers and fire extra arrows like villagers.

    This would make towers more effective for defense and provide a unique ability for militia units.


    > Allow slavs to train 1 milita-unit for only 20g (full food discount) for every NEW farm placed.

    You are giving Slavs, the only civ that can kinda keep up with Polish farming, a farming buff that is over 200% of the Polish one with Horse Collar (45 vs 20 free food per farm).

    Granted, they have to make militia line units from it, but still.

    As long as you turn off auto-farm, it’s probably possible to keep up with placing “new” farms for a long time.

    It gets more expensive than folwarks at some point, but on the flip side you can freely drop farms around TCs.


    Slavs should get LS in Feudal age

    (THS should be made available for all Civs in Castle Age)


    Maybe its lazy to do slavs the portuguese treatment but could be interesting to give a gold trickle to hunters to represent fur trading.

    Would definitely give them a huge early game advantage and add an exciting element to controlling huntables on the map.


    Couple of simple ideas, more in line with changes usually made after a civs initial release.

    Much like your first idea.

    All of these changes would be totally unique to Slavs.

    I would like to see them changed significantly, as they are very vanilla.

    Notably I’d like for druzhina to be earlier and more accessible.

    1.Siege workshop technologies have no gold cost.

    2.iege workshop costs only 75/100 wood.

    3.Squires affects monks

    4.Squires affects Siege Workshop units

    5.Druzhina is cheaper, but does less damage, possibly in a larger radius.

    6.Slavic infantry deal +1/+2 trample damage in castle/imperial age.

    No research needed.

    Frees up imperial unique tech for something that applies to monks, siege, or eco.

    Would require Slavs to lose blast furnace. 2 trample damage is better than 2 straight damage, as it is an aoe AND ignores armor.

    Would not affect the identity of boyars, which is based on their high melee armor.

    Would, however make Slavs even more infantry focused with weaker hussars and cavaliers.


    I’d be fine with just free sanctity.

    Or one pierce armor for monks, idk.

    I’m more fine with bland civs than this sicilio-gurjara-polish madness we have these days.


    11 how do you not know who Ornlu is?

    He’s actually a pretty knowledgeable and fun guy and you should check out his YouTube channel.

    Assuming the free Supplies bonus is in place, I think the main problem is that their Dark to Feudal Age transition is a bit more awkward vs more aggressive civs like Aztecs (15% faster created drush) or Mayans (extra res) that apply from the start of the game.

    Maybe a change like Military units provide +10 pop instead of +5 would make the first two ages smoother and more aggressive while setting up eco behind.

    Make it a civ bonus instead of a team one if needed.

    Slav Castle Age is fine since by that time you have farming eco and TC booming with knights and siege.


    These are awesome ideas!

    I like the creativity.

    I think a few things could be done to make them better:

    Free Arson and Squires, but normal cost of supplies.

    Halberdier upgrade available one age earlier.

    Remove Detinets UT and replace with one that increases pierce armor of infantry the less military you own (could be something like +1 pierce armor if you have 50 military, +2 if you have 25, etc).

    Kind of a wonky tech but I like different things like that


    How about switching their unique techs so Druzinha is available in castle age?


    1 is the most practical buff imo



    its just a buff, and i believe it should be added to malay instead. 2.

    it would be militia rush into gg every game 3.

    same as #2. 4.

    its sicilian feature

    Actually cool feature that could work we need more ram+infantry strats 100% agree. 6.

    is funny but probably nobody would care) 7.

    kinda cool but what if u have byz in team with that. 9.

    Should be made for all infantry in game as a buff since infantry still underpowered.


    I have to be that guy, but the civ is only as boring as you let them be when you play them.

    With free supplies and cheaper seige towers, you can have a lot of fun with some arena hijinks there for example.


    8 is hilarious and I would love to see, but I can tell you rn it is busted.


    Their monks should benefit from infantry armor upgrades.


    Or if just a slight infantry buff is what you want:


    Free Supplies, Squires, and Arson (instead of only supplies)

    These are cheap enough, but also useful enough to be a nice boost, especially for a civ that is already fairly well balanced, if a bit bland in some situations.

    Although its powerful farms, cheap siege, & great UU mean that there is a bit more fun than you might think with the Slavs as-is.

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