Stalemate of Conquest

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    A shower thought I had was about a possible scenario on a map like Oasis where a player could amass a fleet with powerful cannon galleons and stop their opponent, who has control of all the land and resources, from docking and winning the game.

    This would put them out of range from most attacks, but I wondered if there could be a solution such as using trebuchets to snipe them out.


    EDIT: The following applies to full water maps without land connection and not to Oasis.

    So i’ll assume your enemy has amassed some elite cannon galleons (not bombard cannons).

    Best way to kill them is wigh your own ships but you don’t have any docks.

    If the player stays at 15 tiles away from the shore with his ECG and only denies docks there is literally nothing you can do about it EXCEPT IN THEORY parking trebs directly at the shore line and sniping his ECG (trebs 16 range vs ECG 15).

    In practice this will never work though because the regular ships could just destroy the trebs.

    ECG could also do it themselves as they are similar to bombard cannons.

    In conclusion you just have to take back water before this stalemate happens because you will never be able to redock after ECG are out (assuming the water players doesn’t let you sneak up docks).

    I trapped a few players on Nile Delta when it was in the map rotation.

    After you have full control of water just land troops until you win.

    I also recommend the T90 video “The Legend of iSit”


    This is literally all I do on oasis.

    We call it the New Oasis Meta and we have been developing the theory on it for 10 months now


    Trebs in offense and block printing monks in defense.


    Well if you rule land and enemy has no vils.

    You can trebuchet enemy docks.

    Then enemy can’t create any units.

    If you lose 60 archers but get 2 ships it is still good trade.


    We also do this on four lakes.

    Can be done on Budapest as well.

    Although there is less surprise on those maps


    Have a look to “the legend of isit” on youtube.

    Guy did this exact strategy

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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