SMX Workshop Beta Version 1.8.2

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    This is a preliminary version of the program and I have yet to finish the manual. Some features, such as exporting images, are not yet available. You must install a 64-bit Java Runtime Environment version 1.7 or higher in order to run this. You can open a file by menu or by dragging and dropping. SLP mode combines the main image, shadow, and outline layers, while SMX mode separates them. In the preview area on the left, you can click the left mouse button to toggle animation mode or drag the view center with the right mouse button. To move anchors, click the left mouse button to select a new point or drag with the right button. When importing images, fully opaque pixels will be the main image and semi-transparent pixels can be shadows if they are dark and thin enough. The two input boxes on the right side of “Player Color” and “Auto Remove Background Color” are tolerance settings, with higher values making it easier for pixels to match with player colors or be removed. The “Distinct by Alpha” mode can distinguish between pixel types based on the alpha channel – 255 is the player color, 254 is a normal pixel, and the rest are shadows. Please check that the palette and player mode are correct before saving in certain file formats.

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