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    As a kid I loved playing Sim city with my Age of Empires 2 town.

    Making it all neat and clean.

    So what if there is like a mode offecial or otherwise to play more Sim city like especially for the AI.

    Things I used to do:

    – No Farms around Town center, in fact no farms inside the walls, so when the enemy attacks your villagers rush inside the walls and you get short on food.

    It was soo cool building on the coast and doing fishing and trade while being besieged.

    -much stronger walls for longer seiges but walls take much longer to build so its like a big project.

    -bonus speed for moving on road tiles, and caravanes can only move on roads, I mean really wheels are not great on muddy grasslands.

    -Archers add arrows to castles, silly Skirmisher and hand canoneers trying to use a bowhow silly.

    -Fire slowly ticks away building health.

    -my infentry can build tents where they garrison and heal.

    – Town centers must be built far away from eachother, I mean a Town can only have one center no?

    -would be great if the AI has a big army and slowly seiges you build a camp and patrols, or sometimes raiding parties that would attack and retreat.

    What are your Simcity things you used to do as a kid?


    I bet you could make something neat with the editor.

    Could even set up triggers to add or subtract gold on a ticking basis to represent taxation and expenditure


    I also tried building cities in the editor, but always gave up due to the limitations.

    If you want check out the Anno series, especially 1404 and 1800, they combine city builder/economic mechanics with trade and combat.


    I would group each building type together, the army buildings all together, then all the research buildings together etc.

    I still kind of do it now, just because it’s easier to create units if everything is together


    What about a mode without aggression but race to 1000 vills?


    I really like this idea.

    I always used to like playing a longer AOE game where I wouldn’t destroy everyone and just see how long I could survive for.

    Simcity AOE would be very fun.


    In de you can mix terrain, doing that with road and rocks looks good and prevents the ai from building around the tc, on traderoutes etc.


    I was doing the same with farms and walls.

    I was adding “guards” in front of each door, like 2 pikes or 2 long Swordsmans.

    Maybe a mechanic that blocks the door if no guards around ?

    So if you want to move viks or cav/archer/siege etc you need to have those guards near the door.


    Garrisoned archers already add arrows to castles.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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