Right Now, the Frequency of Crashes Makes Temp Bans Extremely Obnoxious

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    It would be best to disable this feature until they fix the problem.

    The issue is causing random crashes for many players, including myself, every 10 games.

    Before this patch, I only crashed about once in every 100 games.

    It’s unfair to get banned for something that isn’t our fault.

    This mechanism was initially designed to deter people from quitting, but it doesn’t stop others from waiting a few minutes and then resigning anyway.

    It’s only adding extra minutes to the game, so it’s not an effective deterrent.

    My suggestion is to turn off this feature until they address the crashing problem.


    Came here to say this.

    It’s so so frustrating.



    I say I’m experiencing these frequent crashes and my post gets dogpiled by people gaslighting me and saying it’s not an issue.


    What’s alt-f4?


    Sometimes I need to be told to stop playing for 10 minutes lol.

    I understand why it irritates people but I’d rather have leavers banned than go unpunished.


    You are not alone, it’s super annoying.

    I know this gets brought up frequently, but I think they made a poor choice with this mechanic to begin with.

    Most alt+f4ing happens because people don’t like the map.

    Why not just give infinite map bans?

    My assumption is that most people would gladly wait an extra 10-15 minutes in the queue if it means that they’re guaranteed to play a map that they enjoy.


    I’ve gotten two crashes over the past couple weeks, but never a ban – it knows it crashed and asks me to fill out a crash report, then I can queue back up.


    Yep, getting banned daily for 20h now.

    So frustrating as I can only play a few games at most.

    It’s even worse with maps like arena or any 2v2s

    It happens both on my Mac M1 2022 via Porting kit, and on a Windows laptop with integrated GPU.

    I guess if I had a Windows machine with a proper GPU it wouldn’t happen.

    Still it’s very annoying as the game runs smoothly when it’s not crashing, so why does it need to crash?


    Wierd I havent crashed at all for months


    I had a really bad crashing problem a month or two ago.

    Never got any temp bans.


    Apparently I have them.

    Likely from 2017 or before.

    Still no clue what they are used for, why they exist or what one does with these.

    Too busy to learn and read.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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