Replacing Halberdier Upgrade for Burgundians with Flemish Militia: Is It Possible?

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    Instead of being restricted by an overly complicated technology, the Flemish Militia should be simplified by lowering their armor class to that of the spearman, and keeping their cost the same as regular spearman units.

    A comparison can be made between Winged Hussars and Regular Hussars.

    If we apply this same logic to Flemish Militia, they would have slightly higher stats than the Halberdier with +5 HP, +2 attack, and +1 melee armor for an upgrade cost of approximately 450 food / 700 gold.

    Their line of sight (LoS), speed and rate of fire would remain the same, while the bonus attack values could be adjusted based on whether they should be similar to pikemen or halberdiers.

    What are your thoughts on this idea?


    This one and the idea to bind the cost of the tech to the amount of vills (like spies, with maybe 50 gold or wood) are my favourite yet.


    Not sure if it is balanced, but damn i liked it.

    Still keep the unit while getting rid of the ridiculous tech


    +1 melee armour might have way more effect on a halb than on a hussar.

    Most damage to hussars is dealt through bonus damage from halbs, so +1 melee armour is insignificant
    most damage to militia is done as straight melee damage, so +1 melee armour takes more effect

    but in general i like this idea



    Leave Flemish Militia aloooone!!

    (seriously, It’s one of the reasons I like the Burgundians 😋)


    I think a straight stats nerf to Flemish Militia would be best to keep the identity of the civ.

    75 HP -> 65 HP

    12 Attack -> 8/9 Attack

    1/1 Armor -> 1/0 Armor

    Remove all anti-cavalry bonuses or halve them, they’re glorified peasants, not trained pikemen.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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