Reflection on the Extra Resources Given to Ethiopian and Dravidian Civilizations upon Progression

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    Ethiopians receive a bonus of 100 Food and 100 Gold upon advancing, while Dravidians get 200 Wood.

    These bonuses are beneficial in the Feudal and Castle Ages, but become less significant in the Imperial Age.

    One idea to improve these bonuses is to change them to “100 Food and 100 Gold per Town Center” and “200 Wood per Town Center” respectively.

    However, this change would only come into play after reaching the Imperial Age, as players can only build one Town Center before the Castle Age.

    To prevent excessive resources, there would need to be a limit on the number of Town Centers (e.g. 3 TCs).

    Overall, this change has the potential to make the bonuses more substantial, granted the player is able to build additional Town Centers.


    I don’t think Ethiopians particularly need a buff, this would likely amount to them getting Chemistry, Arb and Bracer basically immediately (or be up faster on 1 TC anyway).

    Drav I can see an argument but also the benefit of extra wood somewhat diminishes by that point of the game where you’re as likely to be floating wood as anything else anyway, so I’m not sure how meaningful it would be.

    Maybe a fun idea would be to give them stone *and* wood as they advance.

    That promotes MAA and tower play, allows them to place a defensive tower and still drop TCs, maybe pushes them closer to a castle and their super fun UU.


    It’s an interesting idea imho but I’m not a balancing expert.

    It wouldn’t give 1 tc fast arb any more of a boost it would just boost the eco a little bit for an already eco focused strategy which I think is fine.

    But I don’t know if Ethiopians need a buff necessarily though I would imagine it’s a small buff for Dravidians that wouldn’t affect their play rate much lol


    Would affect Budapest as well

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