Record Breaking Kill Score: 190K!

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    I played a game against three difficult computer opponents on the Area map, a large map with abundant resources, and stopped at the Castle age.

    I set up double layered walls and castles filled with archers before leaving the game running overnight.

    I chose Byzantines as my civilization for higher HP buildings.

    To minimize my unit losses, I used the castles to advance and disrupt their trade lines, slowing down their attacks.

    Then, I pushed with the castles towards each of their bases, eventually defeating them.

    This may not be everyone’s preferred style of gameplay, but I personally enjoyed it.


    Won’t say no to some castle drops vs AI – skirmish or campaign!


    I’ve definitely done the “leave it running overnight” thing with 1v7 extreme AI, but 256x tech.

    Yasama towers with +700 range and walk away.

    Pretty sure I doubled my power bill for that month but I did get enough kills for the integer to roll over.

    **edit:** just checked my screencaps, in my 256x meme days I broke the integer on trade profit and score but only managed to overflow the visible text field on kill count.

    That happens at 8 figures it looks like.

    Yes, use infinite res for that.

    Fun fact: resource stockpiles will display as a negative number when you overflow the value but score will reset to 0.


    Respect, there are so many ways to enjoy this game


    > game running overnight


    wasting electricity, which is an unnecessary drain on resources, for literally no reason


    a testament to the stupidity of the AI.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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