Recommended System Requirements for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition in 2023

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    Hello everyone,

    I am considering purchasing a new desktop specifically for playing AoE2 DE.

    I am not interested in any other games as I already have a PS5.

    Can anyone provide me with the necessary requirements to play at the highest settings online, even in 4v4 mode?

    Although the game was released almost 4 years ago, I remember that many users had trouble running it at that time.

    I hope that a newer desktop will be able to run it smoothly without breaking the bank.

    I know that the official website and Steam have system requirements, but I would prefer to hear from real users about their experiences, as I believe that a good CPU is more important than VGA.

    Ideally, my budget would be around 600-700 euros, but I know that I will likely end up spending at least 1000 euros.

    The quote I received included extra features like dual storage and additional RAM.

    I am looking to spend the minimum amount for the highest resolution possible so that I can allocate more money towards other parts that are useful for productivity purposes, such as Excel or Python.

    Thank you!


    -Pretty much any modern CPU, since the game is pretty much entirely single threaded core count doesn’t really matter for it spesifically.

    Of course if productivity is the goal, this is the first part to spend more on.

    Arguably more important than the GPU since the game is still 2D at the end of the day.

    -16GB of RAM is kind of the minimum, but 32GB is in general just a more pleasant experience these days, especially for productivity stuff.

    -GPU doesn’t have to be absolute top of the line, even with the HD texture pack.

    Since pricing of RTX 4000 and RX 7000 GPUs currently is, in a word, depressing, last gen GPUs are probably the more reasonable option.

    Even something like an RTX 3060/RX 6650XT is more than likely enough, since the HD textures mostly take up VRAM and not so much actual GPU horsepower.

    -HDDs are borderline obsolete technology for regular desktop PCs these days.

    Even a cheapo SSD is so much faster than an HDD it’s not even funny, and unless you need massive amounts of storage space, the price difference isn’t that significant and not worth the speed discrepancy.

    In big multiplayer matches the performance bottleneck will almost always be either the netcode or someone else in the match playing on a laptop from the paleolithic era, so spending more won’t necessarily make the experience better.


    I can run 4k on my 2070 Super and 3700x just fine.

    On my 2016 laptop (which has GTX860m 2gb and quad core i7 and a 2160p48 display for whatever reason) – not so much.

    So you might be able to run 4k DE on the best you can find for 1k euros today but I’m not sure.

    But I am pretty sure you have to go for at least a €1k PC if you want something which can run DE in 4K smoothly.

    I don’t think you will need more than 16gb RAM for aoe2DE though.

    The beefy part of the money you should probably put on GPU and CPU (for aoe2de, clock speed is more important than core count) but don’t cheap out on your psu


    You could run it on the Series X if you wanted to.


    In summary, with a budget of 6-700$ you will be completely fine.

    I have a really bad PC (AMD A10 70 APU, GTX 660 (NOT 1660), 8GB DDR3 RAM) and the game runs smooth on 1440p at 120fps.

    I dont play team games so I might struggle in those situations, bit you will be fine


    Just Buy a ryzen 5600+ or an Intel 12100+ and 8gb of video and 16 GB of ram


    A smart toaster could probably run Aoe2DE on low in 1v1.

    However if you are interested in high graphics and high population games you should be probably look for a good gpu (not the 2k€ ones but something not outdated).

    I don’t understand your line about cpu and vga.

    Installing your game on a ssd will lead to better lod times which is important if you want to run the ultra graphics


    It runs on a series s cant be that high


    I ran DE on an old Dell Optiplex I got off eBay to which I added a 1050ti and a bit of RAM.

    Very very cheap and ran DE fine the vast majority of times, although performance would suffer a bit if it was like a 300pop 4v4 noob michi lobby game.

    But for ordinary 200 pop games it was fine.

    Of course this was 1080p and lower settings


    I’m on a ryzen 1600, 16Gb Ram, random SSD, nvidia 1660 and I’ve never been the bottleneck pretty much pegged to 120fps on all high settings, but I don’t have a 4k monitor.

    The game is not all that demanding, any relatively modern PC build will probably slay it.

    Also 1tb SSD’s are like $50 now.

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