“Reasons behind Villese’s favorable match up against The Viper”

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    The writer acknowledges Villese’s exceptional skills in the game, especially against The Viper, and notes that while Villese is a top 10 player, he may not be included in everybody’s top 3 player list.

    The writer also expresses interest in interviews where either of them have discussed the reasons behind Villese’s successful match-ups against The Viper.


    Villese has calculated all future possible outcomes; resistance is futile.


    Villese is called the cyborg for a reason.

    Viper is an expert in exploiting opponents’ greed/mistakes, which gives him relatively little to work with in this particular matchup.


    Something else to add, viper likes to use military to take map control and boom heavily behind it.

    He can do this because his late imperial play is probably the best in the game, but players that commit to defend and boom and utilize less army like Villesse or Yo tend to have better results against viper and pretty decent windows of advantage in late castle to early imperial age.


    viper is a type of player use opponents little mistakes to advantage and with those small mistakes he make a huge snowball but against some one so consistent like villese its getting hard to find even small mistakes


    This is a great q and I actually had hoped T90 and Dave asked him that in the post match.


    The quality of play has generally gone up tremendously in the last few years to the point where Viper on his worst day is not able to beat Top 6 players on their best day.

    That’s a good thing for the scene.

    Some players do not seem to perform at their best when facing Viper, however.

    Hera might be the best example.

    He basically steamrolls everybody not named Viper, but against Viper, he’s sometimes staring down a 0-2 hole before you know it.

    Two players basically seem unaffected by Viper, though.

    That would be Villese and Liereyy.

    Both of them just play at close to their best levels, and then it’s about what Viper brings to match that.

    Against Villese, Viper has often not played at his best.

    In TTL2, he was deleting his own archery range.

    In NAC4, he was making very strange civ picks.

    Against Liereyy, it does seem like Viper does pretty much bring his best, but since Liereyy is also really excellent, it can go either way.


    Because Villese is so emotion-less, he doesn’t get nervous vs Viper.

    I think most of the other pros give Viper too much respect because they know he’s the GOAT.

    They let him get away with greedy booms.

    Villese isn’t affected by those mind games


    I think Villese gears his game and practice towards how to counter Viper’s playstyle.

    Not too hard for pros to watch each other’s content and play based on how to beat the top.

    That and his cyborg skills to mathematically calculate every outcome.


    I love the guy and I wonder why doesn’t he have a good match up against other top players?

    Villese is so known for his consistency.

    If his level is consistently beating Viper, why doesn’t he win against others more often?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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