Rajendra’s Last Stand: Strategies to Eliminate Srivijaya Spam.

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    It has been a year since the release of Dynasties of India, and I am struggling with the final campaign scenario, Rajendra 5 – Slaying the Vritra.

    I have successfully conquered the first castle, but Srivijaya is now sending large groups of units, such as karambits and arbalests with elephants, from their other bases on Sumatra.

    My economy is not strong enough to handle this challenge.

    I attempted to assist Khmer by attacking the orange castle in the north with my armored elephants, but it did not provide much aid.


    I actually helped the Khmer ally right away and took the Tambralinga base on the Malay peninsula.

    Massed some ele archers and once I had 15 of them, with about 2 trebs I went for a landing in the middle and trebbed from the center of the map to the west.

    I never bothered making *any* navy as you can command an infinitely respawning navy.

    Ele archer + Urumi eventually became my comp.

    Once you have around 40-50 ele archers you are just unstoppable.

    The key is trebbing the castles only.

    I left the entire base intact every time and let them send their units into a ele archer meatgrinder that safeguarded the trebs.

    Once you have the west, the push into the eastern castles is somewhat slower due to the spam, but your comp is fantastic.

    I started to make some siege eles as well.

    Never bothered with the easternmost base that has bbc on it.

    TL;DR: don’t make ships expect transports.

    Help Suryavarman first and get a safe base off off Sumatra.

    Make ele archers almost exclusively.

    Only destroy their castles


    Dude, go to Suryavarman’s area and take down and set the base there.

    Get trade going w Suryavarman.

    Use FFS and Thiridisai combined with ECG and take out DOCK AFTER DOCK.

    They will slow, but it isn’t Srivijaya you should worry about to start, it is Tambralinga?(purple) as they have a truly brutal navy

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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