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    I am relatively new to DE and I am having trouble understanding a few things:


    What does the estimated time in xx:xx minutes mean?

    How can I change my player color during ranked games?

    I cannot find the setting.

    Sometimes I receive a disconnect notification saying “Player disconnected.

    Would you like to exit the game without viewing statistics.

    A result is already recorded.” I have seen this message before and I am unsure if I have won the game or not.

    My elo did not increase after this game, but I thought “a result is already recorded” meant that my elo would increase.


    1) it means nothing.

    the estimated queue time is probably calculated based on the number of players that are queueing at that time, butit doesnt prevent you from waiting much longer than the estimation.

    2) next to your name and civ in the left half of the screen theres a yellow “?”-mark (to enable random civ) and another question mark for your position/colour.

    click it to change colour.

    3) yes it means you won, and your elo did change.

    it just doesnt show the usual post game screen, but it should count as a regular win.


    4) I think this is for the match restore feature.

    In theory you are able to continue a crashed game from the point it crashed (in practice it doesnt work most of the time), so you might want to exit the game without watching post game statistics/the entire map to not give yourself an unfair advantge if you restore the game.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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