Question about AOE2 DE AI update – intended for players facing off against the AI.

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    Is there anyone who plays against the computer?

    Even though I don’t play frequently, I have managed to win against the computer regularly on the extreme level for a few months.

    But lately, I am losing quite badly.

    Has there been any recent update that might have enhanced the artificial intelligence significantly?

    I came across an update 13.58326 stating “Statistically optimized AI,” but I am not sure if that is the reason.

    Maybe I am just not performing well as before.

    Would appreciate any suggestions or explanations.


    Can’t say for sure about that being the reason, but regression is a real thing in this game.

    Sometimes you feel on top of the world, next game you’re like: “What’s a build order again?”.


    I agree that it seems like sometime in the last month or so the AI was tweaked.

    I sometimes play the moderate AI to practice my early game + macro and then quickly steamroll.

    Recently, I’ve actually been scout and m@a rushed if I don’t apply early pressure, which is something I feel like I’d never seen before on the moderate AI.

    They’ve even started walling occasionally (not well).

    Maybe this behavior always existed and I never encountered it but when I started seeing it it definitely felt new.


    I play against the Extreme AI a lot.

    I’ve noticed that with each patch it gets better and better at picking fights, and micro prioritising.

    Most notably it excels at allocating the amount of units it takes to clean up your own units (e.g it will send one spear vs a low HP knight but 2 for a full HP one).

    I’m pretty sure it also still ‘knows’ some information on how much army you have at any given moment.

    One recent change was that it can’t be forced to run into TC fire as often (though it still happens).

    And now uses rams like no human player can.

    The downsides are that it still doesn’t know how to fully wall in early game and places camps in unsafe areas, sometimes even on human player’s res right under their noses.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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