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    Is there a reason why elo begins at 1000 instead of 0?

    Wouldn’t it be more logical to start at zero?


    No, because then the system wouldn’t work at all.

    Mathematically, it calculates the change in elo based on the difference in points between the two player scores, which ensures the mean elo of the community will always remain at 1000.

    It also doesn’t make sense because then there’s nowhere for people to drop down to.


    1) starting at the very bottom would be every smurf’s dream.

    No need to artificially drop elo, you just start playing against the very worst.

    2) elo 0 currently is much worse than the level of most players who jump into ranked ladder, so it would create a lot of imbalance at the lower elos and would mean that the worst players simply have no elo they can play at and get fairly even matches.

    3) The elo system mechanics that other comments explained.


    The answer is simple.

    You start at the average and work your way up or down depending on your skill.

    In order for this to work, you need to be able to lose points.

    If Elo would start at 0, the system would need to incorporate negative numbers to work.

    On the other hand, if your suggestion is to start at the bottom: this would make the experience for bad players worse for the actual bad players because they have to face new players everyday which the system cannot judge yet.


    If new players had 0 elo with each new player the average elo would decrease a little which is not the idea.

    You want elo to be more or less stable overvtime.


    The mathematical average is 1000, which is something taken from chess, where the Elo system originates.

    If you set it to 0, you’d make it straight up unfair for new players as a theoratically good player can be matched up against a theoratically bad player.

    As of now, you’re in the Top 50 % if your Elo is 1k. [(Source)](https://ratings.aoe2.se/)

    Also, if a 1k player is matched up against a 2k player (rare but still can happen), the system asumes that the 2k player will win, so the reward for the winning player will be much lower.

    Btw: the starting Elo was already lowered from 1600 to 1000 as former was/is used on MS Gaming Zone, Voobly and HD Edition.


    You sadly can’t prevent bad starting experience for new people.

    If you start out the game fresh, you need to be paced WAY beyond 1000, and that will take a loss-streak.

    If you are even more unlucky, you first get matched against other fresh ppl, only to be stomped because you are acutally WAY higher then you should be after your win.


    if everyone had started at 0, everyone would just have [current rating – 1000] as their new rating.

    wouldn’t make any difference
    but having a rating less than 0 might be depressing


    ELO in cheese starts you off somewhere above 0 I believe.

    Because, like another commenter mentioned, it’s how the system works.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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