Pushing for Better: Is it Worth it All?

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    I am fond of playing Malay with elephants, especially when it comes to pushing.

    I am seeking some advice on how to improve my pushing strategy.

    Would it be wise to incorporate monks into my plan?

    Additionally, I am unsure when it is best to sell my stone resource, and when it is better to avoid pushing and focus on playing defensively.


    That is one of the hardest questions one can ask, and im afraid i can only say – It depends.

    Now if you want to push, because it’s fun, definetly sell you stone.

    I also would recommend adding monks almost all of the time.

    I still struggle when to push and when not (1800 1v1 elo), and find it hard to say that if the push is beginning to work, whether or not i should add TCs or double down on the push.

    So i guess in terms of advice: Push when you think you have a bad late game match up, your opponent is super greedy or you feel like it.

    Dont push when you have the better late game matchup, the opponent has invested a lot in fortifications, or if you don’t feel like it 11


    Well a push is different from an all in.

    A push can be executed from 3 tc while an all in can be played without pushing (1 tc knights for example).

    An all in castle age push normally consists of mangonels monks and spears/pikes but depending on the situation units can vary.

    Note that oftentimes it does make sense to open in an all inish fashion but once you made damage it’s totally fine to add tcs.


    If your opponent drops a castle you are doomed.

    You need at least rams to be secure if you wanna go with selling your stones.


    > Should I add monks?

    this one really depends on what is going on in the game, but i don’t think you should start all-in elephants with monks since you need to hit that critical mass of elephants to win the game with your first push

    > Should I sell my stone

    these kinds of strategies are strongest when they have a sharp timing, so i think selling stone is a good idea.

    it’s not like you’re going to be adding tcs anyways and you probably won’t have enough eco to get a forward castle and have elephants in sufficient numbers.

    > when should I not push and just play it safe instead

    once you’re all-in, you’re all-in…

    unless you do a bunch of damage and but aren’t quite able to close out the game, it almost never makes sense to transition back into standard play.

    afaik malay have to set up for the all-in in feudal so if your plan is to all-in, you don’t really have the option of backing out


    Selling stone is optional if not booming asap, you probably can’t support 3 tcs when making elephants bc of their high costs anyway.

    But I would always add monks near any elephant push.

    Not just bc you can convert your ellies back, but also you can convert enemy units and heal them – albeit very slowly.


    Monks vs knights/camels/siege.

    If you want to go all in always sell your stone.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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