Provide Feedback on Custom Stat Layout Used for NAC4 with CaptureAge!

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    After NAC4, we want to gather feedback from the community regarding the metrics that CaptureAge supports by default, especially the ones added in NAC4, and how they affect their perception of a match.

    We are conducting a short survey that should not take more than 5 minutes to complete to better understand the impact of these metrics.

    We are also open to any thoughts or experiences viewers may have had with CaptureAge.


    Honestly I had zero complaints and nothing but praise with the CA, but if there was an option for “favourite new feature” it’d be Res collected.

    It really helps illustrate the power of getting a smoother earlier eco/the effects of someone’s eco being idled/someone with better eco upgrades or Civ eco bonuses, and carries well all the way through the game, and adds so much more than just vill count which was the main indicator before for relative eco performance.


    Nili is still terrible at casting.

    My 2c.


    I don’t feel like it.

    Tell them I said it was ok.


    Another thing is the top corners.

    Do we really need to show wood and farm upgrades there?

    Id much rather see UTs or some other more impactful upgrades


    Does resource collected include market stuff?

    Because that really makes it a lot less reliable.

    Idk how to solve that but it would be great if you could.

    Overall CA is amazing and I’m amazed it’s still improving.

    As someone who followed CA from the start I’m really happy with it’s state rn.


    There is this mod that shows a little icon on the building foundations to show what building it is, I think that makes it easier to tell for a lot of people what building someone makes, considering the foundations look quite similar.

    Would is be possible to add something like this as an option?


    Unsolicited comment: Linux support please!!


    Please add Picture in Picture, that is the only big feature that is still missing


    Some extra stats I’d like to see:


    Total resources in the queue.

    This is especially important for DM, but also good for RM games.
    2. (Projected) resource gather rates.

    Something like “in the next minute, this player is expected to gather 200 food, 100 wood, 150 gold”, etc.

    Or alternatively, simply showing how much was collected in the last minute.

    It could be integrated into the resource/worker count display.

    Some kind of integration of a feature that shows the winrates for the current civ matchup on the current map.

    Another feature I would love to see, but which is *much* more involved, is some kind of “map balance” or “map quality” score.

    The hard part would be to balance the relative importance of ease of walling, forward resources, distance to resources, etc.

    It should be possible to use the large set of available game recordings to find the appropriate weights though.

    You could get some baseline expected winrate from the civ matchup and Elo of the players, and then see how the result matches up.


    One thing that I think should be made more clear is the relic number, it should be put somewhere in the header, next to the resources.

    I’ve only recently discovered that it’s actually shown in the UI and many people on twitch ask about relic count even when it’s displayed, because it’s so hidden.


    include repair costs in res destroyed please


    I’d love to see unique techs added to the tech overview.

    Some of them can be very important and I feel like there’s a lot of moments where casters and viewers end up having to wonder if a tech was in, since not all of them have effects that can be seen in the unit stat window.

    I understand there’s limited room for more boxes in that zone but maybe it could be done as a side-by-side with each UT taking one side of a single box (like wheelbarrow/handcart) but obviously updating individually instead of in order. [Very rough idea mockup](

    A double box could also be used to group husbandry with bloodlines and thumb ring with ballistics, but I think those don’t bring up the “did this tech come in” scenario as much and don’t have the same impact as some UTs.


    Filled in the survey, to add to it, I dont think there’s a metric that gives away too much and hinders excitement.

    The goal of CaptureAge in my mind is quite the opposite, full transparency over the state of game via stats-that’s where the excitement is!


    I was hoping for aa stat like Res-col for some time.

    So thrilled it got there!

    I always feel like idleTC is super important early, but basically useless later, not sure how to incorporate that though

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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