How to Defend Rush in RM Map

Although the best defence agaist a rush is a rush, defence of rush has not been developed for quite a while now. Defenders seems always to fail. Although these may not save you from the rush, at least you can give a fight.

1. Get your economy up and running. (defenders resources)

The point of rush is to make sure your opponent eco is thrashed before he can make an army and fight. So a defending player must focus on speed. How fast the defender can create an economy and defend.

finding sheep, boar and deers fast
luring deer
shore fish

Do not mine gold in the early part of the game, cause u wont be able to make gold units when ur eco is getting rushed, so focus on strong food and wood in the first part of the game. ie at least getting castle. u can sell wood for gold that can help u castle. Most rush goes to gold first.

putting your 29 villagers on food and wood can give you a decent thrash unit of 10-15 that can defend you from a flush or fast castle rush. It can buy u time.

2. Right Counter units

Drush Scenario with militia->
defend with militia and villiagers with loom

Scout Rush in feudal ->
defend with pikeman

Archer rush in feudal ->
defend with skirms

Knight Rush ->
in feudal defend with pikes
in castle defend with pikes + monks

Trush defence – >
3 – 4 pikemen in patrol beyond tc line of sight
reinforce with counter tower, you need to put some villy in stone and gold for this.
Take out tower in castle with siege rams in castle

Archer rush in Castle ->
defend with skirms,
reinforce with Mangonel

3. Walling as you build.
This is more like a style of play where use woodlines and lakes to your advantage, using pallisade walls and building adjacent to each other.

4. Scouting fast, yours and opponents as well.

This is hard for new players as they have to spend a ton of time searching their sheep and boar.
One way to quick scout your own base is using sheeps. first four sheeps can help you scount at least four tiles range around your base.

There are various combinations how you could be attacked, but i hope this thread will get a discussion starting.