Prediction of Tierlist for the New Patch 1v1 Arabia.

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    Not all details have been considered, but here are some predictions based on the upcoming changes: Power creep is happening and will make it harder for average and below-average civilizations.

    Cavalry-play is slightly nerfed, making Pikemen more useful.

    Crossbow-play is buffed due to easier protection with Pikes.

    Full gold compositions will be more common, making trash-heavy compositions easier to counter.

    Champion-Elephant Archer will be difficult to deal with in mid/late imperial age.

    Elite Steppe Lancer is a good unit and will be heavily utilized by Tatars.

    Some civilizations, such as Malians, Incas, and Goths, will be massively buffed while others, such as Mayans and Aztecs, will be nerfed.

    Additionally, Longsword/Champ and Skirm/Siege will become viable options in some cases.

    Overall, these changes will push civilizations towards A-tier, but changes will likely be needed for weaker civilizations.


    >Persians, …: Got nothing

    But Persians got Gambesons!

    I am sure that’s great for their…*checks notes*…non-existent Militia line.


    Is power creep truly a bad thing though?

    As long as it remains within reasonable levels, the civs can become more flavorful and interesting to play.

    And the devs usually try and nerf the really strong civs like Sicilians.


    Magyars is a C- on an open map?


    Great writeup!

    And just yesterday people were convincing me that Magyars are a very strong civ that doesn’t need any changes 11

    I don’t see Malians being S – tier even after this change.

    It basically gave them their old bonus while keeping the new one.

    But they will be relevant once again, which makes me happy

    Incas I also expect to stay at the level of other meso and not above because their archer play got completely untouched.

    Should be great from castle age onwards tho


    Boss, Malians are one of the worst civs at mid+ elo.

    Why on earth did you bump them to S-tier?


    First I think you should consider cases where Arabia are super open (two ponds start in general) – I think 70% of the Arabis are wallable while 30% of the Arabia are miserable, but I wont ignore the 30% where there is a hill on your forward gold/wood with two ponds.

    – Incas – don’t think they are S tier yet, I think the new issue would be how to get out from generic Feudal age – they don’t really get a bonus until castle age (feudal eagles are beyond hopeless and skirms are okish but difficult.In particular, I think it is somehow similar to Poles nowadays – great food bonus, and deadly late game, but early game sucks.

    Except Poles have horses (and also generally stronger in every stage), so I think Poles >> Incas
    – Poles – I don’t think it got nerfed and I still think it is S-tier for good maps.
    – Malians – I don’t think Champskarls are really that useful tbh, and it don’t really have good range options yet (Gbeto + camel takes too many resources and die to fast imp+cav+halb).

    I don’t think it is at Chinese level yet (where you can mix units very easily and have much stronger mid game)
    – Lith – are they really A tier before nerf?

    They just seems to have very difficult mid-game (esp against camel civs) too much
    – Dravidians – I think their hoang push can be really strong and hard to defend (e.g.

    from another A- tier, Berbers)
    – Malay – I am not really convinced that the free infantry armor have such great buff (inb4 it is F tier).

    They mostly suck, have no eco bonus on ground and up faster with trash eco.

    I would prefer Italians anyday, having better cav choices and can defend all-in much more easily
    – Magyars – is actually really strong at 30% of the map where the map gen hates both of you and you have to stay Feudal longer.
    – Britions – just die to skirm too hard imo, and have a hard time against Franks/Aztecs/Cumans etc.


    As a committed Korean player I really appreciate you giving us 2 whole lines and a nice sentiment, its 1 line more than the devs look to be giving us.

    I don’t see the pike thing helping at all mid-late game and for low elo in general.

    Even the armour pierce on infantry is underwhelming as it’s potency and mobility we lack as a civ.

    I think it’s worth mentioning the wood revision a while ago is a bust, makes no appreciable difference in real games.

    The range on the Turtle feels like a buff that should have been there 3 years ago, it’s mediocre on open water.

    Gutted overall.


    Do you think the devs are pushing people more into range play with magyars?

    I know at lower levels (sub 1k) people think theyre broken because of the free blacksmith techs (that and they struggle vs cav civs anyway), and i cant remember the last time i saw a game below 1k2 even where I saw Magyar xbow.

    So yeah, reckon it’s to push people into the range options so they can actually use the diverse tech tree?


    Yes power creep is definitely happening.

    The Malians and Incas changes are huge.

    What about double gold comp?

    Why is it more prominent?

    Not sure about pikes and LS plays… Pikes are bad against kts in early castle because of 1) mobility issue and 2) needing more production buildings for a critical mass, kt player can use the wood for sth else (more farms, siege, etc).

    The pikeman upgrade being 55f cheaper and 10s faster does not solve these issues.

    For LS, malian LS (+2PA) did not feel amazing, I’m not sure how much of an impact Gambesons (+1PA) have.

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