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    I am considering changing from a PC to a Mac for professional reasons and I am wondering if it will be difficult to play Age of Empires online on a Mac.

    I usually play online ranked games and I am thinking of buying a Mac Mini M2.

    Can someone explain to me if this is possible and how it works, as I am not very tech-savvy?


    It’s really not bad at all, I’ve been doing it for 9 months on a M1 MBP.

    Just buy CrossOver ($75 or so if I remember correctly), install steam, install AOE2, and you’re pretty much good to go.

    Takes a bit longer to start, but with an M2 Mac Mink you’ll have more than enough processing power for AOE2.


    It’s pretty bad and worse the more skilled you are IMO


    I used to switch between macOS and windows 10 on an iMac.

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