People Who Unpause the Game Without Asking “Rdy” Are the Worst Kind of Turd.

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    I recently had an encounter with an unpleasant individual while playing a game.

    This person was losing and when I temporarily paused the game, they immediately unpaused it before I was ready.

    This happened during the Castle Age phase of the game, and when I returned, the other player was 1,000 points ahead.


    Pausing the game is a privilege granted by your opponent.

    Pausing without consent is bad mannered.


    Pausing sucks!


    had a game where other team unpause and said…

    This is war!

    You should die!

    haha we won


    Hot take: people who pause the game while losing to salt off when it’s “resign” territory suck. (ie they have 5 vills left that I’m hunting down and I’m Max pop)


    i hate players who pause when they are losing

    its just a waste of time just resign


    Yea this is annoying.

    Best thing to do.

    Resign and queue again.


    pauses are optional


    Some of the takes on this thread are wild.

    Thank heavens I haven’t had anyone unpause because I was 2 seconds later than the magical 60 second mark in that one game and thankfully no one has paused on me and gone afk for more than 5 mins or without saying anything


    If you have to pause, you have to also tell your opponent why.

    Saying “1 min” is enough.

    If you are going to take longer than 60 seconds, you need a more detailed explanation.

    If you’re going to take longer than 2-3 minutes you should just resign – certainly any longer than 5 minutes is way too long.

    IMO if you pause without saying anything, unpausing after 5 seconds is absolutely fine.

    If you say “sec” or “1 min” and take longer than 60-90 seconds, your opponent is totally justified in unpausing if you don’t respond to further messages.


    If someone pauses and I want to unpause, I’ll always shout a 14 and wait for them to reply.

    If no response at all after a minute or so, I’ll unpause.


    Well, could be worse.

    They could have pause spammed you.

    That’s pretty annoying, IMO.


    was it ranked?

    what did you have to do during pause?


    Some people here talk down to people and feel like someone better just because they have the power over them.

    Makes me feel sad.

    I have played games with toxic communities like dota and lol and I think the aoe2 community is better than that.

    Games can take 40-60 min easy. 1 or 2 minutes of waiting are not a privilege but decency that I would expect and that I would act upon toward anyone in real life.

    If you don’t want to respect people and not be a decent person, please play somewhere else.


    I’m ok with waiting a little more than 5 min if the person is really cool and it’s needed.

    Like they type “sorry”, “1 min” or give some short reasoning.

    Phone doesn’t justify a long paus imo.

    You can call back after the game, that is what I do because I respect the other player.

    Times I don’t allow a longer paus:

    •If the person is low/ zero communication I have had a lot of bad experiences with this.

    That they paus and if I go and grab water they have unpaused without typing anything.

    That makes it so that I have to sit and stare at the screen.

    I can do this for a min.

    If they unpaus without warning and then paus farther on in the game I unpaus immediately.

    •I’ve had people paus an obviously lost game that they should have resigned.

    Then I unpaus.

    This is the same people who hide villagers.

    •I faced one guy several times.

    Everytime we were in a critical point he would paus.

    Like the second I went up to Imperial at 21 m with Turks.

    The paus was meant to make him think about his response imo.

    I still allow a short paus if given reasoning.

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