Multiplayer Disabled – Unable to Determine the Cause

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    Our group uses a PC to play AOE2, but I recently checked our privacy settings in the Xbox app and online.

    After making some modifications, multiplayer mode for AOE2 has become unavailable, and I receive an error message when attempting to load the game.

    Nonetheless, single player mode works as usual.

    Would anyone know the appropriate settings to change to resolve this issue?

    I have already read a few articles on []( and Microsoft, but none have been useful thus far.

    Thank you.


    when you change certain settings, the game wants you to do the benchmark test again in order to make sure your system can handle the new settings.

    So you probably just have to do the benchmark test again 🙂 you can find that botton in your settings at the bottom right



    Following advice from a Microsoft community post.

    I went back and set all xbox settings to least restrictive.

    This fixed the problem.

    Then I went back one by freaking one to see what was causing the problem.

    It was:

    “You can see and upload community creations Decide whose community creations you want to see.

    Blocking this may affect whether you can upload your own creations in some games.” Was set to Friends instead of everyone.


    Testing settings – it seems this one item is the only one that caused an issue.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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