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    As far as I know, the Cumans civilization in AoE2 can obtain units from a single line, Kipchaks, in a unique way.

    They can pay for a technology that allows them to access limited quantities of the unit without having to first research the elite upgrade.

    I am not experienced with this civilization, but I wonder if this early access to Elite Kipchaks is a rewarding feature.

    This could be an interesting concept for a civilization, similar to the Khmer’s building construction bonus.


    A Kipchak costs 60W 35G and its Elite upgrade 1100F 1000W.

    So you get to Imp and pay 650F 400G for Mercenaries.

    The cost of the tech is that of 11 Kipchaks (but Food instead of Wood).

    After 40s you get access to 5 Elite Kipchaks per Castle.

    First question is “How many castles you have?” If by Imp you have like 4-5 Castles, it’ll have been totally worth it, given that Elite Kipchaks get +1 attack (we can forget about the +5HP).

    The very first tech you want to get as soon as you hit Imp is Chemistry (armor and Parthian Tactics usually come up a bit later) but it competes in res with Mercenaries.

    The advantage is that, lacking Bracer, the effect is the same (you pay double for: 5X Kipchaks you’ll create from nowhere, where X is the nÂș of castles you own, get +1 attack).

    Tbh, it looks solid, it’s like a “retarded First Crusade” if you have at least 15 Castles.

    The downside is that, if any time later, you’ll be able to build more castles, you’ll lose the chance for +5 Kipchaks.

    You’ll also want to get Conscription asap for faster Kipchak production

    I’m not arguing for or against, just writing up my thoughts and Idk if I’m mistaken on anything.

    Of course, I haven’t included ideas for Team Games, where this tech could shine waaay more, with your 2 Flanks getting 5-10 free units that can be mixed into their Arb mass and act as a meatshield due to shorter range or as Siege snipers

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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