Meta Analysis of Archer’s Storyline

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    Does anyone else feel frustrated when they see a group of 15 crossbows easily take down 10 knights with their micro and shooting abilities?

    I witnessed this several times during the Hera vs Yo game today, where the crossbows even squeezed next to buildings to reduce their surface area.

    Although there are limitations in the game’s engine that cannot be changed, it would be great to balance all ranged units in one fair way.

    A potential solution would be to implement reload timers, where a unit’s reload time would not reset unless it stands still for the required duration.

    Some units like the Heavy Cavalry Archer or Mangonel could have the ability to reload while moving.

    This change would increase the vulnerability of ranged units to melee units and improve the viability of infantry in battles.

    Additionally, melee units would be necessary to safeguard ranged units, creating a more balanced gameplay experience, and reducing the current dominance of crossbows versus knights.


    This may be the stupidest post I’ve ever seen on this sub.


    Ngl if that’s the numbers knights win. 10 knights to 15 xbow


    The easiest fix is to make archers slower or if archers fire than they move slower for one second or something


    Do you know what Skirmishers are?


    I like this idea in theory.

    It is more realistic and makes units more equal in how hard they are to micro, so you don’t get a situation where they are good for pros but bad for new players.

    Applying it to this game would be a massive change (and require other changes as well to retain balance) though.

    I am not sure how it should be done here.


    Yeah look at the Xbox meta.

    Way more use of scorpion and inf since it’s harder to micro archers.


    that doesn’t really do what you want.

    non-cavalry melee units still won’t be able to catch up to archers because the pathing is shit

    but something needs to be done about archers being able to counter skirms by just kiting them.

    the counter system doesn’t work, and land maps have become a joke outside of 1v1 as people just force cheap archer civs in front because of the idiotic position-pick setting and then spam a single unit for the whole game with zero counterplay available






    Heavy agree.

    Xbow are strong.

    Archers however are not.

    If Archers didn’t get the reload stutter I’d agree with this -burf-

    I frequently get a 8 xbow ball that 2 shots knights as they come out the stable, then they bully passing villagers, while my scout + maa kill the archery ranges or seige workshop


    Hmm, increase the wind up time, or fire delay when the archers are told to turn and fire.

    Longbowmen have a longer fire delay, so it’s better to plant them somewhere and let them rain arrows from a distance than it is to micro them.

    Do this to foot archers a little bit more.

    If knights had a area of effect attack like urumi have after running a distance then the clumped up crossbows would be a little more vulnerable.


    I prefer that, rather than players just spamming knights to win


    This is an interesting one.

    I don’t know how I immediately react to your post, but I don’t mind the ranged unit micro.

    Xbows aren’t a great option to open unless you massed archers in early game.

    I’d rather the meta be dictated by the expensive gold units that are meant to get value aside from just killing enemy military units.

    Trash unit meta would be so cancer as there’s no fun in being confined to slow pikes and skirms.

    That’s their purpose.

    I do agree that the militia line against an archer army is usually suicide after MAA opening.

    It’s hard to balance that though.

    Infantry aren’t meant to be small in numbers which is why we never open pikes without siege in the midgame, even against knights.

    Tough one.

    It’s a fine line to balance ranged gold units.


    The game is balanced around it’s online part.

    Online plays tend to have ping at around 60~80 minimum increasing alongside elo.

    You were spectating a lan event with virtually 0 ping. (and yes that increase tremendously the micro potential of a guy like hera)

    Thoose guys are the cream of the crops.

    if anything this tournament has shown that MONKS are broken, not knight nor archer

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