Medieval Monday: Ask Questions and Receive Answers

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    It’s that time of the week again for a round of questioning.

    From build orders to complex strategies, feel free to bring up any topic you’re curious about.

    Our community is ready to provide the answers you need, so don’t hesitate to ask!


    What to make the most out of Malay in a fully land map?

    Got Malay in a BF in all-random and had a pretty rough time.

    Went heavy on two-handed swordsman karambit halberd but if it wasn’t for my teammates we would’ve not won.

    My buildup served as some cannon fodder instead.

    Are generic Elephant stuff feasible at that point where you require quality units?


    I know infantry isn’t the best right now but what are the best infantry civs out there and why?


    What kind of build order do y’all recommend for scout rushes?

    Should I go all food after i get the stable up?


    Best two unit combination that can hold their own against almost every enemy combination?

    Ideally from the same civ (for example, Goth Huskarl and Halb)


    Is Champskarl + Gbeto (no need for Elite) a thing?

    Or do you go for HC if opponent switches to stronger, non-Teutonic Knight Infantry?




    What South Asian civs, if any, do you think should be added in order to properly represent the region?

    *cough* u/geopoliticsdude *cough*



    So i’m working my way through grathwrang challenge and i’m up to the goths, I know they kill boars more quickly, but i didnt realise that affects the TC kill pattern so severely.

    I typically x2 shot with 6 vills and have just absolutely ruined all my boars.

    How are you supposed to TC kill with the goths?


    How do I make my own random map?

    I want to play on black forest without the chance of spawning water.


    Old msn gamingzone player here.

    Just coming back to the game and practicing against AI before I hop into multiplayer games to get wrecked.

    I’ve got my hotkeys down for building for the most part.

    Now I feel like I need to learn the hotkeys for selecting them.

    I play WoW so I’m used to learning a shit ton of keycombos, but I’m just a little overwhelmed with how many different bindings there are and not sure if theres some that I should ignore and if there’s efficient ways to do rebinds


    How do I get the AI to attack me?

    I enjoyed refusing to research castle age in Dos Pilas, but in RM it keeps trying to outboom me.


    When you queue a tech that reduces cost (like supplies, gurjara UT) and an unit it affects, do you get your resources back after the tech finish or it only affects newly queued?


    How do pros have very similar uptimes (especially imp)?

    I’ve even seen games where one might abuse the market to get similar uptime as opponent.

    But is there some kind of indicator that opponent has clicked up or is there a benchmark time that both players aim for?

    Considering the amount of variables in there like amount of investment into military or into castles etc I’d assume it’s very difficult to match uptimes.


    Has anyone casted the Nation’s Cup set between Canada A and France B?

    There’s no link to a VOD on liquipedia and I didn’t see it on the channels of TWest, Paradox, Memb, Dave, or Ornlu on either Youtube or Twitch.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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