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    I played this map today and felt like this was quite fun..

    Center or flank water control.

    Kinda reminded me of cup where you have to play for both waters.

    Would this be interesting to see in tournaments?



    I’ve played this generation three times I believe.

    It’s really a fun one.


    Edit: well played with the elephant archers.

    I don’t know why the Saracens went arbs against a civ that can field 8 EA with 300 HP and 8 pierce armor, rather than mamelukes.


    This is like a far more wallable version of Four Lakes but without safe ponds.

    Perhaps Budapest comes closest, although no 2tc start and again no safe ponds.

    As for playability, I think you shouldn’t go past 2v2.

    Ponds are so important that 3v3 turns into everyone fighting in a pond and 4v4 probably has 3 pond fights with one FC player, possibly Vikings for Longboats.

    On 2v2, though, it’s hard to contest all ponds.

    If you do, then losing even just one might not give you enough time to deny raids from the enemy player that invested less into water.

    That might actually lead to a diverse meta.


    I played this one recently.

    Didn’t even realise there was water until quite late!

    Ended up playing for land eco, walled up, and managed to win with better castle and imp timings.

    Definitely a fun map, tho.


    as a hybrid map I think it’s far less interesting than kawasan for example.

    there’s just too much emphasis on water, even if there’s 3 ponds to compete on.

    You control 2 ponds, you basically win the map as it’s very difficult to get land pressure going through for the other player.

    Landing might be the only option in that case.

    Sure, winning 2 or even 3 ponds should be rewarding but that makes it borderline a water only map and that might be just my opinion but water is so boring to play and to watch.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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