Managing Low ELO Hoang Rushing

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    I recently had a match against the Celts at 1,1k elo.

    They went for a Drush that they got lucky with and managed to idle my Forager Villagers and deny my Barracks.

    I decided to counter with a Scout Rush and was able to get some Villager kills and had a 6 Villager lead.

    However, my opponent reached Castle Age a minute before me and built a Monastery and Siege Workshop next to my base, which proved to be devastating.

    They didn’t create any additional Villagers and just completely focused on pushing me.

    I had lots of resources but I couldn’t keep up with their Knights and Monks raiding and protecting their Siege.

    In the end, I couldn’t save my Villagers, keep up the production and save my Town Center.


    With all of my 600 elo wisdom I’d suggest a tower followed by a douche.

    Then supplies, men-at-arms, redemption into gg.

    Stock standard really.


    If you went scouts, and picked off some of his vills, then you should have had full map control going into castle age.

    You should easily have scouted/stopped his forward if you still had scouts alive.

    I usually expect some kind of siege workshop shenanigans when playing vs celts, so having map control is important in Feudal.


    I’m not a professional at this, but what I’d do is try to counter raid with a few scouts (create 2) and kill the forward vills plus any gold miners I can touch.

    I’d also mine stone to build defensive towers so they need to invest into more into rams or mangos and I’d try to preemptively move vills back to rebuild after.

    If you can get a castle down your economy is a lot better than theirs and they can’t attack so you’ll win.

    I haven’t went against one or done a good one before so take this with a truck of salt.


    Even down here at 1100, you have to micro your scouts away from spears.

    I should know.

    My Atacama games are all either: I lose my scouts cheaply to spears and I lose, or I don’t, and 20 minutes later, I win.

    Not quite that simple, but you just *need* scouts/light cav against mangos and monks.


    xbow+lc does pretty well.

    Have a small group of light cav always raiding and picking off reinforcements and get a few on stone to eventually castle.

    A true hoang rush is really all in, so any vills you can pick off or mangos/scorps you can kill is a huge deal.


    Make more scouts and spears, also skirms if he make a lot of spears aswell.

    Dont forget to upgrade things in feudal before click castle.

    What make this push deadly is that if you click up right after him, he will have superior army due to being up faster, but if instead you invest those resources into army, even tho yours is weaker, they will eventually slow down and waste his timing,
    so you go up way later but if a better eco, now with enough to really deny this push completely.

    Use your scouts to snipe siege and monks, make spears so he cant clean you with knights (he cant afford upgrades so even if not cost effective, spears will kill them) and keep making farms until you can go up, never stop producing army


    You might try “Knights go Brr”

    Just produce a bunch of knights.

    Set the rally point at the back of your base. (It’s okay if they eat TC just make a new one.

    Once you have like 10 knights blitz them.


    Just mass 20 scouts upgrade to light cav and jump his forward.

    Also send something to his eco.

    Archer if possible.


    You make more units on the way up, beating a hoang rush is about having more units than then.

    If he has monks and siege, then you need scouts.

    If he has kts too you also need pike.


    Close to my ELO, I think we fought the same player today, it was tilting


    If you’re on a six vill lead you shouldn’t have died.

    Xbow/light cav and some knights bears this.

    Xbow snipes pikes/monks and light cav knights wrecks seige and counter attacks.

    Second TC or castle is helpful too.

    Why was he up a min before you?

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