Magyars or Lithuanians? – Which Ethnic Group Do You Belong To?

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    I am struggling to choose between these two civilizations for a 1v1 or team scenario.

    Can you offer any insights or opinions on which one is the better pick?


    i played with malians against lithuanians and got shredded

    E gbeto and FU camels helped but got melted by +6 E lettuce

    most powerful cav unit in the game i think and i need a counter


    I enjoy playing Magyars scouts to cav archer against other cav civs.

    If you get fully walled you are able to get in damage while they’re stuck trying to break in and loosing knights to pikes and arrows.


    It is a fun argument, but we are debating tamato and tomato LOL

    I like both but I prefer Lithuanians for early game and Letis


    Magyars don’t have eco bonuses so it will not give you bad habits.

    Liths give you 150 food at start which can make keeping the TC running easier and masking tasks like force drop and remembering to que vills.


    Lithuanians tend to be better in most maps and modes, though certainly Magyars can be situationally strong, and have certain individual match-up advantages.

    Perhaps the only time I’d think Magyar are generally the stronger pick is in something like Empire Wars open map, or as a team game flank.


    both civs are hard, magyars have flexible tech tree, but no eco bonuses, u have to use both archers and cavalry 2gold composition and play agressive with weaker eco.

    Lithuinians are stronger in basic, But u have to be good with monk gameplay.

    If hate playing monks the choice is obvious.


    I believe Magyars can be better on open maps, and have a better imp comp.

    That said they have no eco bonuses and have a hard time ever getting into their comp.

    I think Lithuanians are more consistent across all maps, but if you are denied relics you will struggle.

    I also believe a lot of the Lithuanian power nowadays has to do with leitis(since blast furnace got removed)

    There are a lot of similarities though, and both have good options.


    thank you everyone for wide answers, i think at this point il give a master try to Lithuanians, im just not a fun of rushing for relics to get that extra +1 as most of the time players will try to deny my relics for obvious reasons


    I’m a big noob so take my opinions with cubes of salt, but Magyars seem to have a better fuedal / early castle age, able to apply pressure and pick eco kills early with their free attack upgrades, but Lithuanians feel like overall more well rounded civ and have a better mid castle to later game power spike.

    Plus Leitus are reallly strong.

    Magyars feel a lot more one dimensional to me.

    I feel like if I survive their early fuedal scout rush I can wall and boom through early castle age where their Knights just aren’t as effective and then take the game.

    But if I cede that early pressure against Lithuanians it’s not as easy to retake the map and turn the pressure to them.

    That being said, if Magyar Knights get into my eco, it basically feels like gg.


    Both are great, the Magyar feel more flexible when I use them.

    I think the big thing with Lithuanians would be do you tend to be ahead or behind in early castle age?

    You need to get two relics to have even generic knightline in imperial age, and your opponent will know this.

    If you tend to be a bit slower in early castle you can be in for a bit of a struggle later in the game


    I choose Magyars because it’s more versatile.

    You can go Knights, or Xbows…

    or Scouts + CA…


    Personally much prefer Magyars but there’s no worse Civ to face than Lithuanians as Magyars.

    They’ve a head start to your feudal destination that’s really hard to catch


    I don’t know if there is a single map where Magyars are a better civ than Lithuanians, even on land madness (the best map for Magyars) Lithuanians are a very strong civ there too.


    Magyars, more late game options and they also make you a better player.

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