MAA/Militia + archer opening vs scout + skirm opening

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    If I have two militia opening and followed by archers, I am not sure how to effectively handle scouts + skirms from the opponent?

    Once you see scouts + skirms, do you retreat your militias and have them meet with your archers?

    Or do you just use your militia and fight as hard as you can and let them die?

    After that, do you keep your archer production?

    Or do you still keep your archer production and just keep them in your range and start making scouts?

    Or do you stop archer production and switch to scouts completely?

    Do you prioritize on going up quickly or do you prioritize on a hard fuedal war

    I am just seeking some good advice on this as I tend to struggle against scouts + skirms combo and could not achieve a decisive win or gain the upper-hand in fuedal.


    i dont understand the question, militia hit like 5 minutes before their range even goes up.


    I think it’s too hard to answer all your questions because as always “it depends”.

    Knowing your opponent has skirms and scouts isn’t enough info to know whether to attack or retreat with your infantry, whether to continue Archer production, whether to switch to Scouts, etc.

    But in general, I think Militia and Men-at-arms openings tend to be more about timing than unit composition.

    > Once you see scouts + skirms

    It’s impossible for your opponent to open *both* scouts and skirms at the same time.

    I assume your opponents mostly go scouts first then add skirms later, in which case your men-at-arms tend to have a window where you can force idle time, force your opponent off resources (berries should be the target), and you can mix in a spear in early feudal age so that he can’t really engage you with just scouts.

    IMO, the decisions you make from this point forward just depend on too many factors to really give decent advice.

    Also, other commenters are saying men-at-arms counter skirms…

    I disagree.

    Skirms can easily kite men-at-arms, especially if the fight is taking place at the skirm player’s base.


    Ultimately if your opponent has scouts you wanna add a few spears.

    Yes your opponent will add more skirms, but that’s good for you as you should anticipate this and can go up to Castle age if you can’t do damage.

    Skirms, unless in very large numbers aren’t a threat to your Eco. (You can add scouts after clicking up if needed)

    If you are the spears/archer player you are the aggressor and are also spending less food which should lead to faster uptimes.


    Wouldn’t recommend 2 militia opening at lower ELOs requires a lot of micro and switching back to your eco for minimal returns.

    They can usually just kill your militia with vills.

    Pros can cause a lot of delays and idle eco with only militia but it’s just not worth it at lower levels.


    Men at arm’s counter skirms and scouts to some extent but will have to watch out for TC fire and likely best to add skirms or your own.

    Could just open MAA into skirms, has less bite then archers, but counters the common archer reaction to your infantry.


    Men-at-arms can kill both scouts and skirms efficiently if they can catch them.

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