Koreans Can Now Wear Gambeson

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    Koreans don’t have a reputation for their infantry since they don’t have blast furnace or other infantry advantages.

    However, they are vulnerable to skirmishers due to their lack of plate barding armor for cavalry and bonus damage against war wagons and halbs.

    To compensate for this weakness, Koreans have Gambesons that provides 6 pierce armor, making their units more resistant to skirms even in small groups.

    As a result, the Korean militia line may become a frequent addition to their war wagon armies.


    > What Koreans do possess is a weakness to skirmishers from bonus damage against War wagons and halbs and their lacking plate barding armor for cavalry.

    I mean at that point just make SOnagers.


    This will only hold true for the subset of the player base that doesn’t use monks vs war wagons.

    If you want a real laugh use a group of like 5 theocracy monks vs war wagons and watch how they will waste like a full like 30 seconds trying to kill the converted war wagons because all of their units suck vs war wagons.


    Mangos/onagers works wonders against skirms.

    I do believe Koreans need something, perhaps extending their wood saving to siege.


    The best part about Gambeson Champs for Koreans (and Byzantines) in this particular situation is that Blast Furnace doesn’t matter.

    Whether they have 15 or 17 attack, Champs kill Elite Skirms in 3 hits either way

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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