“Ivaylo 4: The Strange Mission through a Mountain Pass”

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    The concept of the mission is impressive, but the implementation is very strange.

    At the beginning of the mission, there is no clear goal, so the player wanders around the mountain pass while converting units.

    I began to build a base and a Town Center as I acquired more villagers, eventually reaching the imperial age.

    However, the mission’s objective appears to be taking over the gray base which the player eventually gets for free.

    This makes the initial trickle of villagers unnecessary.

    It seems that the mission can’t decide whether it’s a build-and-destroy or a straightforward scenario.

    Although combining them is acceptable, doing so for no apparent reason is quite odd.

    Moreover, a significant portion of the map remains untouched.

    The reinforcements behind the Roman base are useless because there is no goal.

    Overall, it is one of the strangest missions in the game.


    It’s weird, and open-ended so there’s some very weird methods allowed.

    The intent is that Ivaylo and the monks walk to the TC mostly the long way, using the onager to cut through.

    If you do convert vills, they’re for a few upgrades, scouting, maybe cutting some early shortcuts.

    This whole time, the romans have been “attacking” that TC, so the troops behind the romans are to buy extra time to make it to the TC.

    From there, you build an economy and destroy the Tatars, and the Romans continue to be annoying but not necessary to bother with.

    But there’s so many possible shortcuts and the Roman attacks are pretty meaningless, so that intent is unlikely to happen

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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