Is There Anyone Who Actually Enjoys the Nile Delta?

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    I had two team games on the map, but both were pretty disappointing experiences.

    In the first game, the enemy team realized they had picked the same side as us and switched sides at the last minute.

    This put us at a significant advantage, and the game was not challenging at all.

    The second game was also frustrating, as three of us ended up spawning north of three of their team members.

    We both chose the left side, but somehow the enemy team was able to build Town Centers earlier and in better locations.

    Again, the game wasn’t particularly challenging.

    Overall, it’s hard to imagine a game on this map where the outcome isn’t just determined by chance or spawn location.


    I like picking the enemies’ side on purpose on 3v3.

    Let my allies deal with their fish/navy whilst I spam archers and towers as Koreans.

    When land inevitably goes south, start a Dunkirk-esque retreat to the shoreline and get some vills to safety.

    Then return later with a vengeance!


    I love it.


    Love it, but I like ALL nomad maps (except Water Nomad)






    I like it




    Map can be god awful if it goes late.

    Total grind and not the fun kind.

    So far apart and really hard to make landings that work since you have balance water military count eco count and landing units.


    Hate it.

    The worst thing which I recently learnt- in a 4v4 if you’re the first person to put down your tc, your allies are likely to put all theirs just a little further south of yours and starve you of access to any hunt or fish.

    You really need to make sure to move a long way away from them, even if it means idle time


    It is a fun map for team games imo as long as you play with people who know vaguely how to play the map.

    Water is super important but there are many opportunities to get back onto water if you lose it.

    The mix of choke points in the north and large sea enable many different options for naval battles and strategic castle drops.

    There is also plenty of opportunity for landings (a sneaky early one?) even if you don’t have naval dominance up until way into castle age.

    I have played a few times with friends and, even though we generally dislike both water and nomad maps, the games have been interesting and usually swung back and forth a bit.

    Decent map but one i like to play from time to time, rather than a repeatedly, see hamburger.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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