“Is It Necessary to Have a Civilization with the Advantage of Building Houses at a 100% Faster Rate?”

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    Unless you’re the Huns, you always need to build a lot of Houses.

    Although they don’t take much time to build, constructing them takes away valuable time that could be spent gathering resources.

    Even skilled players sometimes experience shortages of Houses.

    Currently, the Spanish are the only civilization that builds Houses faster than others, with a 30% bonus.

    If this bonus were increased to 100%, construction time could be reduced by about 12 seconds per House.

    This would not only save time but could also be useful in constructing House-walls behind Palisades.

    Is this bonus worth trying or is it too obscure?

    To expand the bonus, it could also be added to the Incas.


    Man i think you would like incas


    It sounds a bit like a strictly worse incans bonus.


    It’s a little bit like the Inca bonus, but yeah its rather esoteric.

    So, to get 10pop:

    * A generic civ spends 50w and 50seconds.
    * Your civ spends 50w and 25seconds.
    * Incas spend 25w and 25seconds.
    * Huns spend 0w and 0seconds.

    I think maybe it’s something like 5 wood you’re saving per house?

    Which would be a little bit better than the Malians wood discount on houses, but not on anything else.

    I suppose one shouldn’t sneer at such a bonus since it wouldn’t appear in isolation but you’d probably want to put something else in there like farms building 100% faster, too.

    But people did sneer at that when it was the Inca team bonus!

    But maybe wrapped up with other effects it would be ok.


    Nice idea, but it does step a little over the Incas bonus.

    I would just give it to they so they get a little more love


    Honestly cool idea!

    With how prevalent the issue of getting housed is, this can be a fun little quirk for a new civ.


    Huns should get this instead of Atheism.

    Both are about as useful


    Nope, too specific, maybe allow it for all economy buildings.


    Doesn’t sound very exciting, but then not all civ bonuses are.


    It would be too easy to abuse the bonus.


    Send 1-2 vills forward early.


    Lame the f…

    out of enemy’s resources (gold, stone, berries) with houses/palisades, if possible, wall enemy in.

    You’ll be very late to feudal but you can insta wall yourself in case they go aggressive

    If they stay in feudal, they won’t be able to break your wall.

    If they go Castle Age, it’s not very useful for them, since they would have very little gold access.

    Even if the strategy could be beaten I think it would be really annoying to play against.

    It would be like Goth’s Instant Loom meta, when they went forward with a vill at the start of the game and lamed the f…

    out of Boars/Berries/Golds/Stones.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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