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    I’ve noticed a lot of posts about Civ design/redesign, so this is what I suggest.

    I’m not a developer, so please point out any potential issues instead of just downvoting without any explanation or complaining about too many posts like this.

    For the Aztecs, I propose increasing the speed of the Jaguar from 1 to 1.15.

    This would help them work with Eagles to take out Champions.

    The Bengalis should get the Thumb Ring included in their tech tree, and their bonus resistance should be increased from 25% to 33%.

    The Burgundians should have the Relic bonus reduced from 30fpm to 15fpm, and the Flemish Militia should have 1/0 armor.

    For the Burmese, I suggest making the Howdah part of their Civ bonus.

    They should also get a new Unique Technology, which gives Elephants bonus damage against infantry.

    The Dravidians should get Bloodlines, and the Medical Corps healing should be increased to 30hpm.

    The Goths should be nerfed to prevent Infantry spam, and given a better early game.

    The Gurjaras should have their Dock bonus removed/replaced, with a 20% extra bonus damage only.

    The Shawarma Rider speed should be nerfed from 1.6 to 1.45 (the same as the Camel).

    The Hindustanis should have the Ghulam take bonus damage from Champions, and the Caravanserai should cost 300 stone and must be unlocked from the Grand Trunk Road.

    The Huns should have Atheism cost 250f 200g.

    The Incas should have their Villagers affected by Blacksmith upgrades in the Feudal Age, but they should lose their attack and armor vs Villagers so they don’t win fights.

    The Andean Sling should also give +1/1 armor to Skirmishers and Slingers.

    The Italians should have Hand Cannons affected by the Pavise, and they should get Siege Engineers.

    The Koreans should get a Wood discount on Siege, and a Demo Raft.

    The Persians should have Mahouts added to the Elite Elephant upgrade, and Elephants should deal +3/+4 (Elite) bonus damage to buildings.

    They should also get a new Unique Technology.

    The Portuguese should have their Forage bonus reduced from 33% to 25%, and their Research bonus to 20%.

    The Sicilians should get 100 Stone and Food given after advancing, and the Serjeant should cost 65f 20g.

    The Slavs should be renamed Rus, and they should get a 10% faster farming to 15%, and 2hsm in the Castle Age instead of free supplies.

    The Vikings should get the Thumb Ring, and the Chieftains should cost 400f 250g.

    Some of these suggestions may be controversial, so feel free to let me know your thoughts.


    I’ve never come across a gaming subreddit more obsessed about game balance than /r/aoe2

    What’s the deal with this?

    Are you guys that inconfident in the game balance team?

    Do you genuinely think your balance changes are better than the ones done by devs?


    Vikings should unironically be given thumb ring back, they’re dead now


    Buff this civ!

    Nerf this civ!


    literally everyday……


    Delete the Goths = must be an archer main


    Yes, buff them Bengalis late game Ele Archers


    >Burgundians: Relic bonus from 30fpm to 15fpm (do the math, this bonus provides a lot of extra free food.) Flemish militia have 1/0 armor (at least castles do stuff now)
    >Goths: Delete
    >Gurjaras: 20% extra bonus damage only, not staggered thru ages.

    Shawarma rider speed nerfed from 1.6 to 1.45 (same as camel)
    >Incas: Vills affected by blacksmith upgrades in feudal but they lose their attack and armor vs vills so they don’t win vill fights.
    >Slavs: 10% faster farming to 15%, 2hsm in castle age instead of free supplies.
    >Vikings: Thumb ring

    i like these.

    if i had to choose 1 change to the game, it’d be make the damn shrivamshas slower.


    For the Koreans and Italians: those changes tread on the toes of existing civs and so probably wouldn’t feel right.

    As for the jaguar warrior change: it’s not needed.

    If you want them to see play, make infantry a staple to rely on.

    Back in AoK fast-imp into champion spam was a major strategy, jaguars were designed as a reaction to that and are still good at it.

    But they don’t see play because the thing they counter doesn’t see play, and so they are niche, as they should be.

    If a counter unit becomes dominant then something has gone wrong along the way.

    I do like the 2hs in castle age for the Slavs instead of free supplies.


    This is quite a good balance post good job, definitely a step above the usual ones, I don’t agree with all your changes necessarily but they are all moving in the right direction.


    you are proposing specific changes when instead we should think about metrics yes the portuguese are strong now but before the changes to them they were practically a meme.

    Instead of nerfing making the factions at the bottom of played and performance interesting options seems like a better way to go.

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