Impossible to defeat Parthia in Trajan 4

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    I’m doing helepolis and centurions FU and cant reach the middle of Parthia city.

    The gold run out too quickly and I cant mass army fast enough!

    Every time I attack the enemy has 849483240 army and destroy me before I manage to kill any building.

    Also on another try I manage to kill a lot of buildings but the enemy keeps rebuild it infinitly with infinty resources.

    I never had any problems beating cenarios on hard but this one is impossible.

    I saw some vidoes of people beating it but it seems mine is bugged!

    cant advance at all!

    Help please?


    Ok, I just did this on hard.

    A couple of things to remember: there is no heresy here and walls are cheap.

    What you want to do is build trade carts, maybe sneak out a villager after you defeat the Armenians and build one in the NE corner so the trip isn’t so long, but should be just as profitable.

    First, work on walling off the last Armenian city you conquered, the walls are already in place, all you need is to rebuild the gates.

    Then as you expand, wall off Harian’s base.

    It’s bullshit because that’s a HUGE chunk of territory but it’s worth it.

    He’s got good resources, use them.

    Fish out the chunk of the river just south of your TC, you need to build a dock and get Juggernauts but you also need priests.

    Because once you send the Juggernauts, it will agro the Parthians to your east side o ver the bridge, including the catapults.

    build 4 Jugernauts and start shelling the piss out of the towers.

    Those towers must die.

    As cataphracts come up to siege down your base, convert them with priests.

    Cataphracts are very very hard to kill.

    Once you’ve taken out the main gate and the towers in the juggernaut’s reach, then you wall up the bridge and the shallows but not before building a dock and four more juggernauts.

    You’re gonna have to dance monkey the ships to keep them from getting destroyed by the catapults.

    Get the Juggernauts to fire on the catapulkts then move them slightly towards or sideways to the catapult so the AI doesn’t try and move the unit.

    After three hits or so the catapults will be crushed, but do not let the ships get hit.

    You take out the towers down the bank, converting cav as they come up to the dock and walls.

    At some point you’ll have about 15 of them.

    Swing them around through your city, down the backdoor and go straight for the Nebtean TC.

    With luck you’ll take it down before losing a single heavy cav unit.

    Then take the villagers in and around Hadrian’s base and QUICKLY wall up the fords and build another dock first of the upper side of the bridge, then the lower one.

    Build juggernauts, you’ll need to take out the towers but finally you can start hitting their seige workshops.

    Now start building Heliopolises as you wind down your stock of heavy cav raiding the base.

    The goal should be the villagers, always.

    Destroy the TCs if you get a chance, Villagers are the life blood of the Parthian defense.

    Don’t b other with catapults, Helipolises fire so fast they can outperform the catapults en masse and they can take down enemy cav.

    I used centurions to cover the ballista units, you might want to use legions as they benefit from logistics so you can have twice as many of them.


    Spam ballistas, get scythe chariot as a gold free military option to support it


    My main problem is that the Gold runs out Very quickly in the map.

    And those cataphract are insane!

    After more than 10 tries I finally did It!

    I massed balistas and It worked.

    But that was tought game!!


    Just build mass ballista


    I couldn‘t believe how broken mass balista is because it doesn’t work until a critical mass of 10+ Barely any upgrades needed aswell, which means you get it going very fast.


    Trajan campaign is just mass ballistas.

    Just spam enough of them and you will win.

    I was overthinking while playing and trying to add support units but they are useless tbh and don’t stand a chance.

    Then, I switched to mass ballista and it worked.

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