I Seek a Sincere Inquiry From a Turk Halberdier.

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    If you give the Turks the Halberdier upgrade, what will be the result?

    Will it be too powerful when combined with Janissaries and Hand Cannoneers?

    Or will it simply be a useful but expendable unit for protecting their ranged units?

    We would like to hear your thoughts on this topic and thank you for your input.


    It would make their already very powerfull early imp even more powerfull.

    I think with HCA people still go hussar for mobility and because the upgrades are free, but some halbs to complement jannisaries and BBC would definetly be a thing.

    They would become quite good in trash wars since skirms aren’t as important as the other 2 there and now they will have acces to both.

    Making a techswitch to counter cavalry becomes way easier cause teching into halb is way faster than camels.

    The ability to counter cavalry in and of itself isn’t much of a gamechanger though, they already have good ranged units to kite heavy cavalry and grind them down and acces to camels.

    They can finally deal with massed post imp elephants.

    Overall it would just cover a lot of the civs weaknesses, makes them strong at later stages of the game were they weren’t strong before and make them strong at times in the game where they already are strong in the first place.

    In other words it would be a bad idea.


    If they get halb they also get pike but that doesn’t even have half the impact of halb.

    It would just make being denied gold in castle hurt much less and it adds a good complementary unit for certain army compositions.

    They can get pikes and the impact wouldn’t actually be that big, pikes just aren’t that impactfull of a unit.


    Turks are already excellent on closed maps.

    Their imp is one of the best with many excellent options.

    One of the main ways to ‘stop’ Turks is by outlasting their gold.

    If you have cav, they have to build gold units to counter them.

    A ball of jannies, CA, camels (tho iirc no heavy camel), etc.

    If you add halbs (even just pikes) they can now put a trash meat shied in front of some of the best ranges units in the game.

    And get even more value from them.

    Turk death all would become OP and you couldn’t just outlast them as now they can engage your cav with a cost effective trash counter rather than use up gold taking them on.

    It would make their time window soooo much longer.


    They would lose their identity.


    Economic balance in aoe is all about trade offs – free hussar and free chemistry (instant access to bombard cannons) is absolutely insane in fast imp strategies – so from a competitive standpoint halberdier would put them over the top in 1v1 (probably wouldn’t matter as much in most team games).

    I used to hate their lack of trash but the longer Turks have stayed consistent over the years the more I’ve learned to admire them from a design standpoint.


    All Turks need right now is steppe lancers with some sort of a a buff like +1 PA or sipahi including the lancers aswell


    The reason they don’t get halbs isn’t really for balance, but more for their identity as a trashless civ, having an amazing military but that military relies on gold.


    I like to think that Byzanties and Turks designed to have good units while other civ have base version of then or much worse one.

    Terrible skirms and pikes for turks/One of the best versions for Byzantines
    Great CA for Turks/mediocre at best for byz
    Best fire ship Byz/Bad for turks
    Amazing gunpowder units for turks/generic for byz
    Onagers for byz/heavy scorps for turks
    Hussar +20hp+1pa/hussar

    Or am I trying to find meaning where there is none


    Turk comp full gold which is why you get gold bonus

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